Wednesday, July 27, 2011

McDonald's changes the Happy Meal

McDonald's announced Tuesday it will make changes to the Happy Meal by reducing fry count and taking away the caramel dipping sauce for apple slices. Changes are coming as a result of health and children's advocates against obesity.

The classic burger (or McNuggets), fries and soda combination will become healthier, in fact, by decreasing calories by 20 percent, according to news reports. For starters, the french fry container is being reduced in order to hold less fries. Then, parents can ask for more apples instead of french fries. Low-fat milk will continue to be a substitute for soda.

McDonald's may also offer more fruit and vegetable options in the near future for more healthier choices. However, it may be hard for parents to get used to not having fries as an important part of the Happy Meal. But, the goal is to ease parents guilt of overfeeding a child and aid in First Lady Michelle Obama's fight against childhood obesity.

Changes will take effect in some markets in September then roll out to all 14,000 restaurants by April. Do you think these changes will help children eat healthier and parents make better decisions in what to feed their children? Sound off!

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