Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lil Wayne Releases Sorry 4 the Wait

Woke up this morning with great news for Wayne fans around the world. Yet another highly anticipated mixtape in the career of Weezy F. Baby dropped today. Sorry 4 the Wait -as titled in an effort to apologize for his chronic pushing back of Carter IV is a 12 tracked download. He covered everything from Drake's, "Marvin's Room" (who hasnt?) to Gunplay's "Rollin". He has a few features from YM as expected, and the occasional sound of the lighter flick which has become his staple. 

 From the go you can tell that he's a great rapper. His delivery is instinctive. The lyrics, and even melodies pour out of him like he needs relief from them. The mixtape stays at that high energy level all the way through.. literally.Thats one of the few things I dug about it.

Now, overall for Wayne I give it an A. I guess this is what his fans expect from him, so he succeeded in that regard. I think many Wayne fans are like any other fans- they'll take whatever they are given as long as its him. I dont really consider myself a fan of his music. I know he's not making music for non fans lol, Im not that dumb..but I also know that Im a music lover, period, and not really that hard to please. I mean, I do have a strong sense of what I like, but Im trying my best to be objective. The angle from which he's coming from is making it hard for me.

The perspective of this mixtape is just overwhelming. The illicit references to drugs, violence, and demeaning referral to women as everything but women is a bit much. So much so that by like the 3rd track I was over it. I guess my expectations of such a gifted man are too high?? Its true that in rap music especially this type of lyrical content has become accepted & even the norm amongst the average rapper, but Wayne (who to me is NOT an average rapper) is OVER the top with it. He's like a careless type of dude behind the mic.

Id think in real life that he's a bold energy, A strong personality type of person, & thats fine. Id say its even necessary in many cases, but as for his music its become a hinderance for me. Its because I respect his gift & abilities SO much! Now, I know those of you who have been reading here for a while doubt that, but its true. I think he's great at what he can do, but I often find myself hating his delivery, or his choice of topic, wording,  & perspective in songs so much that it overshadows his abilities. You get a little of it in every thing you hear from rap music these days, but not as harsh as you get it from Wayne.

That being said I have to give it a C-. Every track is saying the same thing.The C is because its average content.. & the minus because it really is to its extent. Coke, bitches, hoes, guns, lean, & Young Money is the overall theme of it.  I could potentially be alright with that if I didnt have an incling that the genius of Wayne has more to offer the world than that. I was glad I didnt download it, that I let it stream because I felt like I wouldve wasted even more of my time & computer space.. & in this business computer space is key! lolol.

 I just was expecting more from one who is arguably one of the GOATS in rap. I want to be a Wayne fan! I think he's SO talented & smart & that is evident, but he uses it on Sorry 4 the Wait to present nothing but negative content to his fans. Sealing it with a big thank you for holding him down while away & an apology- the mixtape is over before it begins. I know the hope is to get people to download it more than to like it. Maybe for Wayne thats not even important at this point either, he gets his either way. Wayne, if youre in the apologizing business, can you send me one for the years Ive been waiting to become a fan? Maybe the Carter IV is my answer..we'll see.

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  1. AGREED! I listened to the intro and decided not to get it. I get what you mean. I expect alot more from Wayne by now and I AM a fan.