Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lianne La Havas: Age

About 2 months ago, I was on youtube reading my niece & nephews comments & decided that I wanted to hear some Jill Scott live. So I search for Jill Scott's infamous, "Long Walk". What I found was her original video & a few live presentations as well. Amongst them I also saw a video of a chic in a club covering "Long Walk". Due to my past experiences on youtube I figured she'd either be really good, or really bad.. and either way Id be entertained.

What I found was actually one of the purest voices Ive heard in a minute. I LOVED her voice! Lianna La Havas was her name & Id never heard of her prior to that night. Welp, I made myself a mental note to further investigate her and totally forgot! To my salvation, one of my fave blogs The Root just a few days ago tweeted about a post theyd done on artists we should know & guess who's name was in the tweet! I was too excited.. never thought to actually look for her on twitter (well Id forgotten to look for her all together) but boy am I indebted to them for this!

I immediately started following her & visited her site.. and there ..is where I found this..simply perfect.. enjoy :)

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