Friday, July 1, 2011

In Case You Missed It: Beyonce:Year 4 MTV Special

Last night MTV gave us an intriguing look at the Beyonce of 2011! Its obvious with this latest album & all of Beyonce's personal endeavors in recent years that she's grown up a bit since we first met her at age 15. In reflection she acknowledged her own growth
"Am I the same Beyonce? Absolutely not."

With this latest album Beyonce stepped into a role she hadnt stepped fully into before- she ran the whole show without the management of her father Matthew Knowles.

Amazing. I have loads of respect for her, but  always have :)
MTV allowed Beyonce to narrate the short feature showing her in her own personal footage on vacations, in studio, and rehearsals for her latest production. Mr. Carter was featured a bit as well. Check out the special after the jump! Loved it!

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