Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chilli responds to MTO's FALSE story of new boo

Chilli on her Im not aging steez

Couple of days ago a blogger who Ive recently come to dig, Tami posted some photos on twitter from her visit to Deion Sanders' little shabang. Deion gathered some of his friends together  to celebrate his nomination to the Hall of Fame. She sent out a few pics of some cool people who were also in attendance there. In those pics was one of Chilli & a handsome young man. So I hit Chilli up like, umm who is that cutie!? She simply replied that it was her nephew.

The next day I get an email to an MTO post that I didnt bother to go read because from the title I knew what it was about..smh. Chilli took to her twitter account once again yesterday to clear  the air.. yall know they reeeeeeach every time.

Not only did they post a lie, but they didnt even credit Tami for her pics. ShadyBlogs.com ...Check the pic of Chilli & nephew after the jump. Its ok Chilli.. people just wanna see you with somebody so bad! lol..its almost like a little phenom of its own.

Well send nephew this way! LOL


  1. damn chili still fine af

  2. Lol, she is gorgeous. She prob wouldnt like you saying it like that though. lol