Monday, July 25, 2011

Amy Winehouse Pioneer of British Soul Singers' US Takeover & last performances

While we're mourning the death of Amy and mostly focusing mostly on her struggle with drug addiction. I wanted to post a live performance of her and share with you guys what I just realized last night. In recent years we've had this influx of female singers from Europe coming over here & smashing the charts. Most recently Adele. Amy was the pioneer of this US love for this type of music. Not sure if people noted that while she was alive, but it just struck me last night.. wow...Check it out after the jump!

Her voice was amazing when she wanted it to be!

Amy's last  few shows were far different from what fans expected of her. Some of her footage she even looked to be careless about her music causing some fans to boo or leave early. She cancelled her last tour to supposedly re enter rehab. Her cause of death is still unknown. This is all terribly sad. There have been conflicting reports that Amy suffered from a mental disorder which led to her battle with addiction, which is common. Prayers still going up for her family, fans, & friends.

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