Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kelly Rowland Sizzles on Leno

Ms. Kelly delivered a very sexy grown woman performance last night on Jay Leno. She definitely owned her performance. Dressed in an all white sexy business suit, she performed her hit record Motivation for the crowd. I think she's gorgeous! Footage below..

Friday, July 29, 2011

Beyonce Performs On Jimmy Fallon (vid)

Last night Beyonce performed, Best Thing I Never Had live on Jimmy Fallon. She looked beautiful in an all white ensemble. I like to see Bey in this element.. just her and a mic. S/o to the haters who think she cant sing. She proved last night that without the dancing & such, she can blaze. Give the girl a mic! Footage below. 

Rihanna In Official Battleship Trailer

s/o for photos

Rihanna has a role in the new Battleship movie. Yes, the infamous board game has become a blockbuster film. It sorta rings Transformers a bit, and Im not sure that the trailer is very effective, but Rihanna's in it & for that it will be watched lol. S/o to RihannaNavy.

You'd think that with her being such a mega star, they'd give her a little more shine in the trailer, but they dont. You'll see glimpses of her once theyre in the water lasting for about.02 secs each. Maybe they didnt think the acting world would take them seriously if they did.. Not sure, but I hear she actually does have a pretty relevant role in the film, so its cool I guess. Check it out after the jump.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Message From Lauryn Hill

Out of character, Lauryn Hill took a moment to address the chaos/rumors surrounding her personal life. She usually just lets people think what they want, but this time she took to her twitter account to set the record straight with her fans. HELLO & ENDCALL!


McDonald's changes the Happy Meal

McDonald's announced Tuesday it will make changes to the Happy Meal by reducing fry count and taking away the caramel dipping sauce for apple slices. Changes are coming as a result of health and children's advocates against obesity.

Beyonce & Michelle Attend Kelly's Album Release Party

The lovely Kelly Rowland's album, "Here I Am" dropped yesterday & to celebrate the accomplishment friends came out to party with her. From Big Sean to her Destiny's Child group members, celebs seemed to be having a great time hanging with Kelly for the release. Kelly wore a fitted rib ripped black dress & looked amazing as always. More pics after the jump! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

KayKi Speaks with Verse Simmonds!

I had the pleasure the other day of meeting up with Verse Simmonds an epic songwriter/singer on Akon's Konvict Muzik label. Among Konvict's latest acquisitions, Verse is what they like to call "something for the ladies". His smooth vocals, boy next door sexy, and bachelor attitude have all the makings of a true ladies man. His hit song, "Boo Thang" featuring Kelly Rowland is creating all sorts of havick as well as encouraging the making of all sorts of babies as well Im sure.

When I entered the room, I really didnt know what to expect. Considering all of the hype around an artist, you never really know these days where their head is. With all of the great things Id heard about him.. I figured he could either been full of himself or surprisingly humble..Check out my exclusive interview below.. thanks again Verse! Follow him on twitter @VerseSimmonds

KayKi-Hey! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me for a sec!

Verse-no prob thank you

KayKi-Ok.. so can you tell us a little bit about where youre from? That kinda sets the tone for you as an artist I think.

Verse-Well I was born in Puerto Rico...I was raised in St Thomas. I kinda been moving all around chasing this dream & now Im here in Atl, so Ive been all over. Its influenced me as an artist.

New Music: Jay McSwain- Take It Away

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Singer/songwriter Jay McSwain released this record from his up and coming sophomore venture, Gone Forever yesterday! Enjoy!

Take It Away

Musicians Available

Angela Simmons' Dominates New Photoshoot

The beautiful Angela Simmons.. released this photo shoot via Global Grind yesterday of some simple yet stunning shots of her in Malibu. The Pastry princess rocked bold red lipstick & some really hot clothing to pull off her dramatic, yet intimate looks.  I love it. Peep a few more after the jump.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Amy Winehouse Pioneer of British Soul Singers' US Takeover & last performances

While we're mourning the death of Amy and mostly focusing mostly on her struggle with drug addiction. I wanted to post a live performance of her and share with you guys what I just realized last night. In recent years we've had this influx of female singers from Europe coming over here & smashing the charts. Most recently Adele. Amy was the pioneer of this US love for this type of music. Not sure if people noted that while she was alive, but it just struck me last night.. wow...Check it out after the jump!

This 5 yr old Haitian Girl is smarter than you

Little Mabou Loiseau is stunting on most of us. She speaks 7 different languages (yea, Umm.. how many do you speak? Right.) lol , plays different instruments & has the personality of a super star already! Her parents spend $1,500 a week to keep her this smart. I think she's gearing up to be something extraordinary. My only concern with these types of stories is whether she has any time to be a baby..? She spends seven hours a day in classes and only gets Sundays off. Do you think its too much?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kelly Obsourne among other celebs mourn her bff Amy Winehouse's death

If you havent yet heard, soul singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London apartment today. I dont know whats more sad,  the knowledge of how hard this life was for her, or the idea that she left it in a very sad & lonely place. Amy rose to international fame with the release of her hit, Rehab. Ironically, Amy's talented voice was often overlooked in the news by her struggles with drug & alcohol abuse. As of yet, authorities have not released a cause of death as fans wait patiently to know just how Amy died at only 27 yrs. old.

Some celebs hit their twitter pages to share their condolensces., among them her bff Kelly Osbourne, Rihanna, Usher, Missy Elliot, Monica, & many more. Kelly Osbourne is naturally taking this hard. Her tweets along with others after the jump. My prayers go up for her friends, fam, & fans at this time.

When a hit from 95 still bangs in 2011

Total Cant You See.. say what you want about Diddy..dude had the 90s on LOCK.. who was seeing Bad Boy??! He knows good music. I mean let this come on the radio/club right now..& it goes!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Wanna Dress Like RihRih!?? Check out!!!

Look how easy they make it! love love

BabyKayKs was a  fan of Rihanna's fashion sense before anything else! She's a beautiful woman with a great mind for fashion and expression! I stumbled across a site this morning ( and I never ever do this) but I just have to tell you loves about it! Its SO cool! Im always trying to post the hottest fashions on here & the hardest part about that is getting the actual brand information. If Im honest its fun, but its definitely a challenge. literally gives you all of the looks we love on Rihanna, but also tells you who the looks are by all the way down to the shoes! GOOD WORK to whoever is running that show over there! Hats off! You'll be first up on the blog roll! xo

Mary Kyri again..Orianis Winter 2011

Orchada ...ugh.

& I say ugh with the utmost respect for the designer.. but this is SICK! In a good way of course :) This shoe has KayKi written aaalll over it. So.Hot., but isnt that by default..I mean, it is Mary Kyri.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Are Chris Brown's Neighbors Out to Get Him

A couple of posts down you can read about how Chris Brown's neighbors cant stand living with him. They say he parks illegally, and causes disturbances at all times of night. In the initial post we told you guys that Chris' lawyer explained that the spots are acually Chris' & that he has the deed to prove it, but the developer never let it be known that they were handicapped spots.

Chris took to his twitter acct to explain his side of things to his fans as celebs always do these days.. & .. to confirm his lawyers story. In a nutshell, his neighbors are out to get him...

Jay Z & Kanye: Watch the Throne Leak- OTIS

Behind the scenes recording WTT

Watch the Throne is set to be released on August 1, and people are anxiously awaiting it! Yesterday this leak, Otis,  titled after the Otis Redding sample its made with, hit the web & boy oh boy... this is insanity! These guys (Yeezy & Jay) are just incredible to me. The word play & delivery on this joint is epic & then the beat is CRAZY! Ye killed that too! This album is about to blaze..

Check the record after the jump.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Doesnt Chris Brown look like such a good boy when he's sleeping?!

Doesnt he look like such a good boy when he's sleeping..................................? lol Looks like Chris Brown cant catch a break..this guy..smh. Neighbors at his West Hollywood condo community seem to hate the guy. They say according to TMZ that he parks in handicapped  or illegal spots all of the time. The below photo seems to be proof of his horrible parking skills. He is said to have been ticketed numerous times. Unfortunately the story doesnt end here.

Free birth control in health care reform?

An independent panel of doctors and health experts recommended Tuesday that health plans cover a broad range of contraceptives for women without copays, bringing a new debate over the impact of the new health care overhaul.

Rihanna drunk on stage?

I like this girl, I mean it took a while, but I have to respect her run of taking over like every chart for the past couple of years. She's sorta a tough chick though. Says what she wants, does what she wants, and doesnt apologize for being who she is. Well in the below pics.. the red haired pop star was on stage in Atlantic City for her LOUD tour throwin em back & giving her fans the finger!?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Twitter co founder Biz Stone talks a BILLION dollar idea w/ NPR

The ultimate of cool Biz Stone sat down with NPR just a few days ago to talk how an idea about a microsite has now become a world wide phenom.. amongst other things..

Chilli responds to MTO's FALSE story of new boo

Chilli on her Im not aging steez

Couple of days ago a blogger who Ive recently come to dig, Tami posted some photos on twitter from her visit to Deion Sanders' little shabang. Deion gathered some of his friends together  to celebrate his nomination to the Hall of Fame. She sent out a few pics of some cool people who were also in attendance there. In those pics was one of Chilli & a handsome young man. So I hit Chilli up like, umm who is that cutie!? She simply replied that it was her nephew.

The next day I get an email to an MTO post that I didnt bother to go read because from the title I knew what it was about..smh. Chilli took to her twitter account once again yesterday to clear  the air.. yall know they reeeeeeach every time.

Not only did they post a lie, but they didnt even credit Tami for her pics. ...Check the pic of Chilli & nephew after the jump. Its ok Chilli.. people just wanna see you with somebody so bad! lol..its almost like a little phenom of its own.

Lamar & Khloe respond to accident victim's death

Lamar Odom & wife Khloe Kardashian were in NY for a family member's funeral when the vehicle service he'd hired to carry him around was involved in an accident with a motorcycle. According to TMZ the motorcycle flew onto the sidewalk & hit a 15 yr. old pedestrian. The 15 yr. old was rushed to the hospital only to succumb to his injuries. A rep for Lamar says he is "devastated" by what has happened. He & wife Khloe have taken to their twitter pages to express their grief.

Peep their comments after the jump. I love these two together and this has to be a really hard time for all parties involved.

Mary Kyri is becoming one of my FAVES!

Onia Under Buckle Pump

BabyKayKs.. I feel a binge coming on.. get ready for Mary Kyri EVERYTHING for a bit. Im so fascinated with these shoes! Australia.. what a gift youve given the world of shoes!

Jersey Shore Season 4 Trailer

Cant believe this has been on for 4 seasons and that theyve made all of the money that they have for getting drunk & fighting. Welp JS fans.. its back..enjoy

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Casey Anthony Released from Jail

Just minutes after midnight this morning Casey Anthony who was just acquitted of murdering her daughter Caylee Anthony just days ago, was released in FL.  According to People, an angry crowd had formed outside of the jail of protesters who yelled slurs at her as she walked to an SUV to freedom. A photog hired by the jail to photograph her release stated that she was seen smiling as she exited. ........... 

The public has voiced its disdain for the verdict in the case of little Caylee's murder. Casey is facing defamation charges stemming from the case, but was not found guilty in the involvement of her daughters death, though she knew she was dead/missing for 31 days before reporting it. Hopefully she has some protection..she's going to need it.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Can We Have a Moment for these? FINSK

Dreaming. These are incredible!

In Case You Missed It..Chris Brown Shuts Down Today Show

Chris Brown hit the stage for the Today Show's Toyota Summer Concert Series and proved once again that he is one of the best entertainers we have in the game. Dude literally shut down Rockefeller Plaza w/ 18000 fans-the biggest turn out ever. He performed a few of his long list of hits to a crowd who knew every word & screamed at his every que. The NYPD was in full force even shutting down a few surrounding streets to handle such a crazy turn out for Mr. Brown who just a year ago was black balled in the business by many.

Congrats to Breezy!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Serena shuts the ESPY Awards Down + pics of Justin & Selena, Kerry Washington & others

Last night the ALL too funny Seth Rogers hosted the Espy Awards! Every year the nations top athletes are honored for their gifts & services. Its great to see these folks all dolled/manned up! Serena who has had  a TREMENDOUS return  to tennis just a few months ago came ready to shut the entire world down in a fitted, girly, & plunging jump off. Serena's body is ridiculous! I know yall want the money shot haha.. its after the jump with a few other fashion hits & misses!

Nivea Graces Sister 2 Sister Magazine Cover talks Wayne, Dream, & arrest

 ATL bread singer Nivea has been out of the spotlight for a minute..well sorta.  We havent gotten an album in a minute, but she's still been in the spotlight. Nivea (Dont Mess With My Man, Laundry Mat, Ok..) is the ex wife of The Dream, and long time boo of Lil Wayne. She's been away on mommy duty for a bit, but has kept fans interests by releasing material here and there. Nivea was recently in an accident here in Atl and was arrested for a DUI just after leaving Toya (Wayne's ex wife's) wedding.. I know staaaaaay with me! lol

Honorable Mention: Cassie's Blank Magazine Spread..Chics BAD

I know this spread is old news, but I forgot to post it a few days ago & its worth a late run! Diddy's boo Cassie covers the July Edition of Blank Magazine & this chic is just beautiful in these shots! The cover shot (above) in black & white is fierce & the shots to follow are just as hot, but in bold color. Im not sure what she has going on musically..but who cares, she's obviously born for this work. Check the rest of the spread after the jump.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lil Wayne Releases Sorry 4 the Wait

Woke up this morning with great news for Wayne fans around the world. Yet another highly anticipated mixtape in the career of Weezy F. Baby dropped today. Sorry 4 the Wait -as titled in an effort to apologize for his chronic pushing back of Carter IV is a 12 tracked download. He covered everything from Drake's, "Marvin's Room" (who hasnt?) to Gunplay's "Rollin". He has a few features from YM as expected, and the occasional sound of the lighter flick which has become his staple. 

 From the go you can tell that he's a great rapper. His delivery is instinctive. The lyrics, and even melodies pour out of him like he needs relief from them. The mixtape stays at that high energy level all the way through.. literally.Thats one of the few things I dug about it.

Nicki Minaj & SB respond to reports she was attacked.. by him!?

So, our friends at TMZ reported yesterday that Nicki was attacked at the hotel she was staying at by a male she was there with. According to their report, she was arguing with an unidentified male at the pool at the Palomar Hotel and the argument escalated to her being hit in her lip. 

 Around the same time SB, her boo, I mean, bodyguard, I mean best friend tweeted that he was pool side enjoying life. So, this is where the excitement comes in. Everyone assumes that the unidentified male whom Nicki did not wish to press charges against was SB.

DMX fails drug test; charges dismissed in Foxy Brown case

DMX will have to spend at least and extra week in an Arizona state prison for failing a drug test and a NY judge on Tuesday dropped charges that Foxy Brown violated a court order by mooning her neighbor when the woman told prosecutors she would not testify at trial.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lianne La Havas: Age

About 2 months ago, I was on youtube reading my niece & nephews comments & decided that I wanted to hear some Jill Scott live. So I search for Jill Scott's infamous, "Long Walk". What I found was her original video & a few live presentations as well. Amongst them I also saw a video of a chic in a club covering "Long Walk". Due to my past experiences on youtube I figured she'd either be really good, or really bad.. and either way Id be entertained.

Isaac Carree: In The Middle

Isaac Carree  (Men of Standard) has been hitting the airwaves HARD with his solo records. First his rendition of , "Simply Redeemed" took over the Christian radio stations all over & now, "In the Middle" is on! Currently in LA filming the video for this record,  & I know for sure its going to be amazing! I'll be sure to post it once its finished. Also the album is out next month 8.23!

I mean, its great to rock to all of the hip hop & rnb but your playlist is definitely incomplete with something that can actually help you make it through & make you better! Check my bro Ike's record "In The Middle" after the jump!

Crystal Nicole : Pinch Me Now

You guys know her as Cristyle/one of my fave writers (Shattered Heart, Only Girl, Love all Over Me) , and an incredible singer herself. Remember I told you all a while back she was in the booth recording for her own album!? Well.. her single, Pinch Me Now is available on itunes! This is def a song you should have in your playlists! I love how she's using Crystal Nicole for her project. I mean, its like acknowledging her different hats in this game. Check it out after the jump!

NO ID, James Fauntleroy & friends: Anywhere but Here

Soo I kept seeing writer/singer James Fauntleroy's twitter icon in my profile & honestly I was quite offended by it. lol YES Im that green! I just was like why is he promoting drug use?! & Then he keeps talking about Cocaine 80s.. wth!? LOL.. welp I soon realized that he was promoting a mix tape. & clearly a mixtape I needed to have being that it was a collaboration of some of music's most incredibles: him, No ID, Common, Makeba, etc.. I was on it!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Beyonce Fired Dad Mathew Knowles for Stealing?

Told you guys a while back that Beyonce had fired her Dad Matthew Knowles who'd been running her whole show since its beginning. There were all sorts of speculations as to why she had let him go.. most thought it was to let her hubby Jay take over her career.

Betsey Johnson Pink Platform Pump

I hit up shoerazzi & saw these lovely ladies featured as a heads up of what Spring 2012's trends will be. I think these are adorable! They are made by Betsey Johnson.. which you know means they'll be fun looking & stylish!! Cute right!?

Morning Coffee: Do You Believe in Love after Love??

In a perfect world, Id get to sit with you all in the mornings over a cup of coffee & talk about whatever! Unfortunately some of us are worlds a part, so today we'll just act like we're talking ..I wanna ask a question..So Im jamming last night to what Id like to call my "Bloomington Babe" playlist. Its just a collection of songs that I dont think Id know or love had I not grown up in Bloomington IL. Amongst them, a song by the legendary Cher entitled Believe. In the hook she poses a question that in fact is a great conversation piece

Act Like A Lady, Think Like a Man movie filming now!

The recently saw someone RT this photo from comedian Kevin Hart on twitter. He's starring in a new movie based upon Steve Harvey's best seller, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. Also in the film as you can see will be the gorgeous Morris Chestnut, Michael Ealy, & I believe Taraji is in it too.

The book was definitely a success..maybe the movie will be too..?

Finally! Baby Beckham is here!!

Yesterday My boo David I mean (smh!), Mr. David Beckham & wife Victoria welcomed a new baby girl into their absolutely beeaautiful family of 3 boys! Congrats to them! Im not sure what her name is just yet, but Im sure she's the flyest baby of 2011. I kid a lot, but I actually love these two together

Friday, July 8, 2011

New Music: Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child- Love Gun

Ok..ok.. I DIG this! Heard "Love Gun" for the first time last night and I have been bumping it every since. This makes me anticipate what else Michelle has in store! Im not sure what direction this next album will go in. We know that Michelle who started off (so yall think) with Destiny's Child

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Mommie Mariah Carey Spotted out in Manhattan!

Mariah Carey who just gave birth to twins last month was spotted out w/out the twins or hubby Nick Cannon for one of the first sightings of her since she gave birth! Outside of looking extremely hounded by her entourage, she looks great. Its almost like she cant walk alone or something..they are allll over her! I couldnt do it! lol More pics of her & her post baby bod after the jump.

First Photo of Sean Kingston after release..hangin w/ Soulja Boy

TMZ posted this pic of Soulja Boy w/his Sisqo inspired hair.. w/ good friend Sean Kingston who was hospitalized last month after a dangerous jet skiing accident. He looks well outside of a  little bandage on his hand. Glad he's ok!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Daddy Bow Wow Writes Letter to Fans about life & his babygirl! Plus Underrated Tour DVD

This is so sweet. Celebs are usually so over being a celeb that they dont take the time to introduce any significant people to their fans in this way. You know the whole, "keeping a personal life" thing.  A lot of times though,  fans just sincerely care about these celebs & their happiness. Bow wow took to his personal site to officially introduce his daughter to fans. He seems like he's in a good place, so Im sure after reading this letter Bow Wow fans will be happy for him.

In other news he also has a DVD coming out.. just giving his fans a closer look at his life on the road. His sold out Underrated Tour promo clip can be found under the letter..its alll after the juuump!

NOT GUILTY: Casey Anthony acquitted of murder charges

Casey Anthony and attorneys react to "Not guilty" verdict.

In case you missed the most shocking acquittal since the OJ Simpson trial, 25-year-old Casey Anthony dodged a major bullet on first-degree murder, manslaughter and child abuse charges brought on by the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony.
The "Not guilty" verdicts sent the nation and social media networks into a frenzy Tuesday afternoon after a jury deliberated for more than 10 hours over two days in the Orlando case. While she does not face the death penalty, she was found guilty of four misdemeanor counts of lying to investigators. Casey Anthony will be sentenced Thursday and could receive up to a year in jail on each count. But since she served pre-trial detention since 2008, she may only serve several months.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nicki Minaj's Cousin Murdered

Im sad to report that Nicki Minaj's cousin  27-year-old Nicholas Telemaque was brutally murdered early this morning in his home city of Brooklyn, NY. Nicki shared her grievances on her twitter page soon after it happened.

He was shot multiple times. The investigation is still in progress.  Prayers go up for comfort for her & her family. Read on for her tweets. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Givenchy's Creative Director designs Watch the Throne Album Cover

Niiiiiiice! & It better be. Designed by Givenchy's creative director... (Yes Givenchy) Riccardo Tisci! If thats not a slap in most album cover's faces, I dont know what is... this is prob the most anticipated hip hop album of the year or two. Hoped it lived up to the hype.. now I hope it lives up to the cover! 

Friday, July 1, 2011

In Case You Missed It: Beyonce:Year 4 MTV Special

Last night MTV gave us an intriguing look at the Beyonce of 2011! Its obvious with this latest album & all of Beyonce's personal endeavors in recent years that she's grown up a bit since we first met her at age 15. In reflection she acknowledged her own growth
"Am I the same Beyonce? Absolutely not."