Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The wedding's off! Playboy Playmate calls it quits

Unfortunate yet not surprising, Hugh Hefner and fiancee Crystal Harris have called off their wedding, which was set for Saturday.

In a tweet on Tuesday, "The wedding is off," Hefner, 85, said. "Crystal has had a change of heart."

After getting engaged Christmas Eve last year, the Playboy founder and 25-year-old Playmate reportedly had an argument over the weekend, TMZ reported. Crystal moved out of the Playboy mansion and canceled the nuptials. As the split is amicable, Crystal is moving on and focusing on her music career and her new single, "Club Queen" was released Tuesday.

It would have been the third marriage for Hef, who has four kids (ages 58, 55, 10 and 9) from his first two marriages. He and Crystal--Miss December 2009--began dating in January 2009. Is it time for Hef to hang up the hat (and Viagra) for good? He is getting up there. We'll see.

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