Monday, June 20, 2011

So About this Shaq "Tape"

YUCK! First of all.. thats the original thought that came to mind once I heard that there is a sex tape floating around somewhere featuring this over sized dude. Word is, Robert Ross, same guy who claimed to be seeing Shaunie just after she and Shaq divorced -also claims to have a tape of Shaq with various other women at his home while he was still married.

Shaunie says he presented the tape to her to buy from him, but she turned him down because he's a liar. He claims now that 7 guys associated with Shaq soon after robbed him and tried to confiscate the tape. A lot going on right?! Craziness! 

Doesnt Shaunie know Shaq was cheating on her already? Is that not one of the reasons they are divorcing? Theres no need in her seeing a tape! People..smh

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