Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rihanna Sheds Light on Issue of Rape in Man Down Video

Man Down is like one of my favorite songs on Rihanna's album. Im not sure just why I dug it from the moment I first played it, but I did. I came to find that lots of people liked it as well. Im thinking maybe because there is so much feeling in it..? Also it doesnt hurt that Rihanna has this ill accent that is sorta masqueraded in other material and to hear her use it a bit rocks!

So, the video for Man Down premiered yesterday & Ive been thinking for a couple of days about what angle the director and Rihanna were gonna come from with the vid. Its such a serious write and really it couldve gone many ways, but Im glad they addressed such a serious issue. Im not saying people should shoot their offenders (before yall start sending emails :/) What I am saying is that rape & sexual assaults of all kinds happen every day.. and its great that the arts can bring more awareness to that!

Rihanna took to her twitter page to further speak to her fans about the seriousness of the video..Peep it all after the juump!

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