Monday, June 13, 2011

Jojo Premieres New Single at Girls Who Rock concert in NY SING GIRL!

Looks like our wait for a Jojo album may just be coming to an end! She lit up the stage in NY a few days ago for  Girls Who Rock, a concert benefiting She's the First- an organization that sends girls in Africa to college!!

Jojo started with something familiar, but made sure to give us a sneak listen at her new single from same titled upcoming album, Jumping Trains!! She also sang my jam, Boy Without a Heart from her latest mixtape (which Im still jamming to on a regular... yea..its that good.)

Love the new single, love this chick as an artist and wish her the very best as she gets ready to put this next album out! Peep her full set after the juuump! 



  1. she so slept on i think

  2. omg! where do we get the mixtape??

  3. Anon I blogged it a while ago, here's the link just copy n paste..not sure if the dwnld link is still active, but she's on twitter @JojoIsTheWay :)

  4. Hey Rael! Thanks for your thoughts!