Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jill Scott Says she's not tryna be "skinny"


I havent talked to one person who hasnt always thought Jill to be just beaaautiful. I mean, model-esque! I dont think many of us ever thought much about her weight or anything because she's just that beautiful of a person. I know many men who are just engaged by her & women who understand why. See thinner Jill after you read on..

Two days ago Jill was here in ATL & everybody was raving about how much weight she's lost .. & she def has lost some!!! We're used to the Jill pictured above, but the "new Jill is a few pounds thinner. While we're all boasting about her skinny, Jill hit her Twitter page today to say that this change is about her health!

Jill looks great! Wishing her all of the best on this journey!! (& get the album!!)


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