Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bey Performs First Concert in a Grip in Nice, France yesterday

Yep.. she's in clean work mode! Yall know how hard Bey works!!! She's still over in France GIVING on these performances! Since her entire album has leaked, I feel like her performing so much will help some fans stay interested in the actual release of the album. Catch her performances of Run the World & 1+1 after the jump..excuse the singing along, but this is the method to the madness right?! Sing/perform till it stuck in their heads & they LOVE it! lol


Bey said in a recent interview that she wasnt really upset that the album got leaked, but wouldve liked to present it to her fans in her own way. Im sure she's not. Yall think at this point its still about selling records for her? I think Bey is doing what she loves to do because she can.. in hopes of maybe getting more money too..lol

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