Thursday, June 30, 2011

Armed Robbers hit Chris Brown /Game Video Shoot

According to TMZ, producer Mars was sitting in his car late Tuesday night in LA w/ 2 other people when he was robbed at gun point by.. yea you guessed it.. 2 black men. According to sources on the set they stole his wallet (about 2 Gs in cash) & his jewelry. Breezy & Game were not harmed or near the incident when it happened.

For some reason, it reads as though other people on the set really dont believe what happened. Instead of saying, "Oh this was a tragic incident.", they've replied with, "Nobody goes anywhere without security on a video shoot. Nobody saw anything happen. Mars had walked about a block from the set when it happened." Sucks. Cali is no joke. I know from experience, but people seriously should be over all of that by now.

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