Thursday, June 30, 2011

Armed Robbers hit Chris Brown /Game Video Shoot

According to TMZ, producer Mars was sitting in his car late Tuesday night in LA w/ 2 other people when he was robbed at gun point by.. yea you guessed it.. 2 black men. According to sources on the set they stole his wallet (about 2 Gs in cash) & his jewelry. Breezy & Game were not harmed or near the incident when it happened.

For some reason, it reads as though other people on the set really dont believe what happened. Instead of saying, "Oh this was a tragic incident.", they've replied with, "Nobody goes anywhere without security on a video shoot. Nobody saw anything happen. Mars had walked about a block from the set when it happened." Sucks. Cali is no joke. I know from experience, but people seriously should be over all of that by now.

New Video: Mindless Behavior ft. Diggy Simmons -Mrs. Right

These guys are a trip. So much swag. Did I just say that?.. lol Diggy is everywhere right now & Im sure his fans are eating up every minute of this. Look for these lil guys (Mindless Behavior) to be taking over the world. They have everything it takes to send the little girls of the world into a frenzy! lol check the video out after the jump.

Tudors Lead Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers Suicide Attempt

According to sources in London, Mr. Meyers was hospitalized Wed. following what appeared to be a suicide attempt. Jonathan, who has been in and out of rehab a few times battles alcohol addiction. When paramedics found him hunched over on the floor of his mansion, it is reported that he refused treatment, which is where the suicide attempt part probably comes from.

He's a great actor! I hope he can get well soon.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Settlement reached for Oscar Grant's family

A San Francisco Bay area transit agency Tuesday agreed to pay $1.3 million to the mother of Oscar Grant, a 22-year-old unarmed black man who was fatally shot by a white transit officer in 2009.

The settlement between Bay Area Rapid Transit and Wanda Johnson resolves a $50 million wrongful death and civil rights lawsuit filed in federal court by Grant's family. This is the second settlement that BART reached with the Grant family. The agency agreed to pay $1.5 million to the mother of Grant's 6-year-old daughter last year.

Former BART officer Johannes Mehserle, 29, was convicted last year of involuntary manslaughter for fatally shooting Grant on an Oakland tran station platform on New Years Day in 2009. Mehserle was released this month after serving one year in an Los Angeles jail.

Jill Scott celebrates first #1 album on Billboard 200!!


This is Mayyjor! As a forever fan of Jill's I am tooo excited to see that her  fourth studio album " The Light of the Sun"  debuted at the top the charts with 135,000 sold (Nielsen SoundScan)!

Jill has been consistent in giving us incredible music, stories, inspiration, & light from the moment she released her first album almost 12 yrs. ago. Its been a long time coming, but she deserves this moment!! Im proud. GO JILL!


Alicia Keys Meets Her long lost twin in NY


Ok, maybe not flesh & bones, but these wax figures at Madame Tussauds are too much for me! They look just like these artists. Anywho, A Keys was in NY this morning meeting herself in wax. I think they hit the nail on the head again..but they didnt account for Alicia's baby weight...she still looks good though.

Naomi Campbell for Givenchy Fall 2011 (Vid)


So.. this campaign is kinda scary! lol Its Rottweiler inspired theme makes for a dark sorta evil presentation. The models are all practicing their best snarl for the camera. Most probably think its easy for Naomi, but I cant validate or deny such an idea lol. I guess you can sorta get the point of the line from this vid. Lots of sparkle & an almost antique feel in patterns. I think its more about the snarl though.

Naomi is featured with other models; Natalia Vodianova, Kristen McMenamy, & Mariacarla Boscono, for womens.. Peep the vid when you read on.

Gabrielle Union & her boo D Wade at Transformers 3 Premiere


D Wade is definitely a dresser to the nines honey! Ive featured him on here before many times because he's so clean all of the time! & How perfect does Ms. Union look? Those Guiseppe Zanotti Platform Wedge Booties & that fitted black lace jump off.. she was weerrking! Saw this over at NB & had to share..they look tooo good!

At first I wasnt really feeling these two together, but they may be growing on me... couple we love?? Alllright.


Monday, June 27, 2011

BET Fan Tiffany Green Blames BET for Awkward Chris Brown/Rihanna Moment

yep.. this had to be the most talked/tweeted about moment of the show last night. Every year BET does the ultimate fan thing. Every year the fan presents the viewers choice award to the winner. Usually it goes down w/out a hitch, but last night was different. Tiffany Green mistakenly announced Chris Brown as the winner, then immediately changed it to Rihanna... the confusion was on everybody's face (as on Terrence's in the screen shot!)

Come to find out, the mix up was not Tiffany's but BET's. She took to her twitter page to clarify! Peep her comments & the video of the awkward moment after the jump. SMH BET! She did get like 20,000 followers for it though :/

Yo.. WHEN did Diggy grow up!? lol

Last night, the annual BET Awards aired live from LA. Hosted by Kevin Hart, the who's who in music/entertainment lining up to see a great show, the fashion is always one of the highlights of the event. You had the likes of Nicki Minaj, Diddy Dirty Money, Diggy, A. Keys, Kelly Rowland & more all there to celebrate this year in music. Some of music's greatest acts performed as well, Anita Baker being one of them!

The night was a great one for Young Money with Nicki & Wayne's collaborative efforts holding their team down. Breezy had a great night as well. Steve Harvey took home the Humanitarian Award of the night. They paid tribute to Patti LaBelle & the late Teena Marie. Overall it was a cool show. Peep more red carpet fashion after the jump... AKey's let me get your shoes!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Akon Presents New Konvict Muzik Artists

Monday night Akon took some time out to present some of the newest acquisitions to the Konvict Muzik family to a studio full of bloggers, other media outlets, & music folks. We all met up at Doppler Studios here in Atlanta in hopes of getting to know more about the artists that Akon stands behind. Billy Blue, Money Jay, Ya Boy (YB), Young Swift & Verse Simmonds…were all in the spotlight & for good reason! The pressure was on, in such an intimate crowd they HAD to come with some bangers or go home. Needless to say, if you like mainstream rap music or even rnb right now..they have you covered! 

Akon was too hype the whole time! lol Check him introducing Billy Blue to the crowd- sorry its sideways :/

 More on them & get a sneak listen at what they have to offer after the jump!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bizarre News: Dutch man replicates Noah's Ark!

An hour away from Amsterdam in Dordrecht, Netherlands, a man is building a full-scale replica of Noah's Ark.

Karmin Covers Jay Z "Encore" in new RocaWear Vid

Youtube sensation Karmin has become a household name with the covers theyve done. I think the first I heard was Wayne's 6ft 7 ft & I was like.. wow this chick's delivery is bananas! Now theyre back at it again. This time with a fave of mine by a fave of mine-Jay Z's Encore! This is for some Rocawear ad :) Peep the full vid after the jump.. nice. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jill Scott Says she's not tryna be "skinny"


I havent talked to one person who hasnt always thought Jill to be just beaaautiful. I mean, model-esque! I dont think many of us ever thought much about her weight or anything because she's just that beautiful of a person. I know many men who are just engaged by her & women who understand why. See thinner Jill after you read on..

Chivalrous Culture Hamachi Caramel Sneaks! Diggy is WINNING


Ooooohhh yall know I just LOVE Diggy! He's such a little gentleman, so adorable, & just simply smart! Along with breaking into the music game & shutting down any competition- he also has his hand in the fashion bowl as well (we all know he's like a baby Kanye on the fashion tip.. ALWAYS fly! Check out the Hamachi Caramel after the juuump!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

STOP THIS WORLD! 51 yr. old Green Mile Actor Marries 16 yr. old country singer!

Ok.. hollll up!!!!! This is some foolery. I dont care how you look at it, its disgusting. IF you think in any culture its ok to marry off a 16 yr. old girl to a 50 yr. old man Id have to have a great debate with you. This sucks for many reasons, not just because of the age difference but because she's just a teenager!!! I mean! Her body & mind havent even made it to adulthood yet. I cant take this. I just cant.

Doug Hutchison starred in The Green Mile, the X Files, & Lost.. Courtney Alexis Stodden is an aspiring country singer..They wed Monday in Las Vegas-of course. Where are her parents?


Nicki Minaj & Britney Spears Perform Live in LA

This collaboration has been hilarious to me, but makes much sense. Last night the princess of rap hit the stage with the princess of pop in LA. Def made for great entertainment. Both of these ladies are a good look for each other. The Nicki dynasty will now embrace Brit & vice versa..

Even if you arent a fan of either.. you have to acknowledge how major they both are as artists. Peep the vid of the performance after the jump

Bey Performs First Concert in a Grip in Nice, France yesterday

Yep.. she's in clean work mode! Yall know how hard Bey works!!! She's still over in France GIVING on these performances! Since her entire album has leaked, I feel like her performing so much will help some fans stay interested in the actual release of the album. Catch her performances of Run the World & 1+1 after the jump..excuse the singing along, but this is the method to the madness right?! Sing/perform till it stuck in their heads & they LOVE it! lol


Jackass' Ryan Dunn Dies in fatal accident & Bam goes AWF on critic Robert Ebert

Sadly, Jackass costar died the other day in a car accident. According to sources Dunn was intoxicated while driving and crashing his car w/ a passenger in it. They both lost their lives. As if this wasnt sad enough, critic Robert Ebert took to the media to blast Dunn for drunk driving.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Charlotte Olympia Piano Shoe.. Kinda hot

Visit for all your magazine subscription needs.

So Charlotte Olympia is always pushing the envelope. They always have something funky & eye catching! These are the Piano Pumps from the Fall 2011 line. The whole line is super fun! Check some of the line out after the jump!

New Music - Dawn Richard : Stuck On Mad

From the Making the Band days I loved Dawn's voice. When that Danity Kane album dropped she really stood out to me. Love her tone and the arrangements .. When the Dirty Money record came out I couldnt stop talking about how much the album was upgraded by Dawn & Kalenna's voices! Hear her latest, Stuck on Mad after the jump!

So About this Shaq "Tape"

YUCK! First of all.. thats the original thought that came to mind once I heard that there is a sex tape floating around somewhere featuring this over sized dude. Word is, Robert Ross, same guy who claimed to be seeing Shaunie just after she and Shaq divorced -also claims to have a tape of Shaq with various other women at his home while he was still married.

Amber Portwood out of the hospital after Suicide Attempt??

According to TMZ, Amber Portwood of MTV's Teen Mom & 16 and Pregnant was hospitalized last week for allegedly attempting to commit suicide. Her baby's father Gary reportedly called the officials on her last week because he feared she'd commit suicide.

This photo was taken of her yesterday..its the first spotting of her since the incident. I dont know how much of this to believe, but I do remember Amber being depressed a bit. I hope she gets the help she needs so she can be around for a loong time for that ADORABLE little girl!

Friday, June 17, 2011

THE REVEAL! Brian Atwood Resort 2012 Preview..


Seriously BabyKayKs.. I am in LOVE with Brian Atwood!!!! Everything about him! lol.. I was super excited to get this email yesterday that these shoes were making their rounds on the internet. I know I know you guys cant yet afford Brian, but these shoes!!! I just had to post them! Check a few more from the preview after you read on!

LADIES Say Amen: Happy Merry Friday

All of a sudden I have a really strong craving for chocolate. David Agbodji ..Lawd. Ok.. Im just saying you cant tell me that this is beautiful. Look at his skin.. its like black gold, oil, or something!  More after the jump.. whew I need a fan. lol 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The wedding's off! Playboy Playmate calls it quits

Unfortunate yet not surprising, Hugh Hefner and fiancee Crystal Harris have called off their wedding, which was set for Saturday.

In a tweet on Tuesday, "The wedding is off," Hefner, 85, said. "Crystal has had a change of heart."

SPOTTED: Skenny Jenny (JHud) in Louboutin

Jenny was caught out & about rockin a mini jean dress in Super Dombasle Suede Christian Louboutins..I dont like them, but lots of people do so.. enjoy.!! Jennifer is out promoting her latest album, I Remember Me. She's also signed a million dollar book deal to talk about her weight loss journey if you guys are interested..!

More photos of JHud headed into her Letterman appearance after the jump! cant hold me..too much amibition..

Beyonce's W Magazine Cover

YES! She is GIVING in this cover.. check more pics from the feature after the jump.. 

New Music- K. Michelle Medley {Explicit}

K. Michelle (who I believe is still with Jive) released a medley seeming to take jabs at Jive records & Memphitz (yes Toya's Memphitz). This medley also has an ode' to Lupe Fiasco in it.. which I thought was so random, but she's a self proclaimed mermaid.... anything is possible. One thing I dig about her this far is that she's a button pusher. I like her though.. I think we finally have a female singer who we can feel to our core, but who can actually sing. #NoShade Im just sayin.. More on this & check the medley grown folks after the jump!

Rafaella Di Montalban SHADE!

I came across these and thought they were incredibly hot! Expensive, but hot! Its like taking the  chain your grandma has on her eyeglasses to a whole other level! & how cute would they be on a beach or even a really pretty summer day anywhere! lol Rafaella Di Montalban wins with these!

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Pics of Rep. Gabby Giffords

Wow.. we all remember the dreadful day in January when an irrate gunman opened fire on innocent people in AZ including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. There were fatalities, but because of the heroic acts of a young man present that day, Daniel Hernandez, Rep. Giffords was not one of them. She did suffer gun shot wounds to her head though and many worried about her recovery.

Well, yesterday the first professional photos of Rep. Giffords were released. She's smiling and looking amazing for what she had to encounter. Im just in awe of this story! What a miracle she is!! Peep the photos after the jump!

Jojo Premieres New Single at Girls Who Rock concert in NY SING GIRL!

Looks like our wait for a Jojo album may just be coming to an end! She lit up the stage in NY a few days ago for  Girls Who Rock, a concert benefiting She's the First- an organization that sends girls in Africa to college!!

Jojo started with something familiar, but made sure to give us a sneak listen at her new single from same titled upcoming album, Jumping Trains!! She also sang my jam, Boy Without a Heart from her latest mixtape (which Im still jamming to on a regular... yea..its that good.)

Love the new single, love this chick as an artist and wish her the very best as she gets ready to put this next album out! Peep her full set after the juuump! 

I Spy: Beyonce Arrives in Nice, France

Beyonce Carter arrived in Nice, Frane this morning in style as always. She along with Mama Tina & bodygaurd Julius were seen walking out of the airport as Bey greeted fans. I sorta like her shades..and I love the shoes.. heyy Bey! A few more pics after the jump

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Artists to watch: Big Heed and Alien

Big Heed and Alien

Drummer-rapper duo Big Heed and Alien are taking the Atlanta hip hop music scene by storm with their crazy antics, slick drum beats and twisted lyrics. Atlanta natives Shaheed Smith and Ali Warren met many moons ago as youths at church and clicked musically; Big Heed is the MC with the large afro and Alien is usually shirtless in a fitted cap, who's out of this world with the sticks.
I snagged a phone interview with them last week, not knowing what to expect. Needless to say, I got an earful and took part in clowning around with the guys between questions. For instance, they call lames “rectangles” and joked about working at the MARTA station and Kroger if they ever dropped out of music. And most of their answers were out of this world funny! Nevertheless, they are bringing something fun and different back to hip hop, trying to restore originality that was so prevalent in the 90s.

Music heads should expect their debut album, "The Big Heed and Alien Show" from their label Sony Music Entertainment by the end of summer. Check out my exclusive interview after the jump!

RichaTee: For those of us just now getting to know you, tell us where you’re from and how did you meet?
Big Heed: I’m from the east side of Atlanta, and we met at church. I got familiar with Alien when he was playing basketball.

Alien: I’m from the fourth orbit, dropped out the sky, my parents found me...I was born in Jackson, Mississippi, raised in east side Atlanta, Lithonia.

Man pays 2.6 mil to have lunch with Warren Buffett

No ma'ams & sirs..your eyes do not deceive you. Every year a lunch date with Mr. Buffett is auctioned off to the highest bidder with proceeds going to the Glide Foundation which provides food, shelter, and other services to the homeless in San Francisco.

New Music: Benchwarmers- Jimmy Kimmel ft. Usher

Friday, June 10, 2011

Actress Lauren London Issues Statement about Stalker & Allegations in Kim K story

Im sure by now you all have heard about the Bret Lockett claims to have had a relationship with Kim K while she was with fiance Kris Humphries. Brett also claimed that Lauren London was dating his brother and is the person who approached him for Kim. Hmm this is getting crazy. He says he has proof..we'd like to see it, or see your allegations disappear.

In an effort to make sense of all of this to her supporters, Lauren issued a statement on her fb it after the jump.

Clive Davis Says Whitney Houston is a no go??

Theyve been together for forever & when the rest of the world had given up on Whitney, Mr. Davis was right there with all of the hope in the world that "the voice" still had it. Welp, after a few hard couple of years full of bad performances, cancelled shows, and health issues, it seems as though Mr. Davis may be looking at things from a different perspective.

He was on LA radio 103.5 yesterday and the conversation arose about Whitney.. continue reading for his response.

Behind the Scenes -Rihanna LOUD Tour (video)

The key elements of Rihanna's show are discussed in this  quick little behind the scenes video. Just a peek at what it takes to put on such a production!

Ask KayKi: Can my relationship survive infidelity?

Dear Kayki,
Im a 22 year old mother of 2 kids who has been in a relationship for 5 years. My kid's father is a good man. We been together for forever and in my mind we would always be together. When I met him I was very young and insecure. He helped to build up my self esteem and make me into the confident women I am today. Nobody before him ever showed me that I was important or beautiful. I guess Im trying to get at that I love him. About 4 months ago I found out that he was cheating on me & I broke up with him. It broke my heart to know that the same guy I had spent all of this time loving and trusting could throw it all away over sex. I came to find out that he had cheated multiple times with this girl, got me looking like a damn fool.

When you have A LOT of money

You can wear ANYTHING!  lol

The Olsens were spotted at CFDA fashion awards and while I love these girls Im not feeling their high end gear all of the time. The really push the limits. Sometimes they look like they just pick up the most expensive stuff and throw it all on at once, regardless of what it looks like! But who cares.. theyre filthy paid & still adorable together. #ThatIsAll

Kim K giving mad shade

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So, while the rest of the world is worried about whether or not she's cheated on her fiance with Brett Locket or how much that monstrous ring costs.. I just want to know where I can get these shades, & the blazer, boots, & bag for the LOW!

Is she not killing the game right now simply walking through the airport?  Peep the whole fit after the jump. I gets down with the Kardashian's on the fashion & business tip. All of the rest of this stuff..iioooknow (In my Chicago kid accent) lol

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

President Obama on how not having a father in his life has made him a better one.

President Obama  wrote a letter in this issue of People Magazine in celebration of Fathers' Day. The President not only runs the free world but is very much so an active parent in his daughters' Sasha & Malia's lives. Its not odd at all to hear about him at a game or just spending QT with them, which is SOoooo important.

Ive had various conversations with parents who lacked a father figure in their lives. They either feel like it has helped them or hindered them in the way that they parent. In my opinion it should only help.. as our President outlines in his letter.. peep it after the juuuuump! 

Say It Aint SO: Gary Coleman STILL aint buried??

Gary Coleman-star of Different Strokes' manager reports that one year after his death-he is still not buried! Coleman died in May of 2010 at the age of 42. In a statement to, manager Vic Perillo explained his frustrations with the situation:
"This was not the proper and dignified manner to show respect for the magnificent talent the world TV and film audience knew in Gary Coleman, this was not the send-off he deserved."
Ok.. so let me get this straight. Mr. Coleman has been deceased for almost a year now and his wife and mama still cant come to an agreement to give the man a proper burial??? GTHOH! Thats ridic! I mean is it that much of a tear between them that the cant do whats best for this guy? This is disgusting and sad. His parents and his wife need to get it together.



Kanye is 34 today! Wow... seems like he just dropped outta college right?? Whats up with the "Im too sexy for these loafers" look he's got on his face in this pic?? LOL This must be his model look.

Anywho, this guy keeps me laughing and Im actually a fan. Happy Birthday to youuuu Kanye!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beyonce! 3000! Yeezy! ..You a bad girl & ya friends bad too.. you got the swag sauce you drippin SwaGu.. This is my fave release by her so far. Plus.. its 3000!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anthony David Detained in Canada for Racketeering????

Yea so one of my faves Mr. Anthony David went on a tweeting vent yesterday about how irritated he was that he had to cancel his set in Canada.. cus he was with the Popos.

Supposedly Mr. David was participating in illegal activities in 95'. Im just gonna assume that Canada needs to update their systems and Anthony David needs a less popular name. They better leave him alone! lol

Sorry to Canada fans that you didnt get to hear his set... its incredible what he does with a mic and a lil guitar from somewhere! Peep his tweets after the jump & GET THE ALBUM, "As Above So Below"!