Friday, May 6, 2011

Word on the Street: Guess Who's Bizack Together!

OkOkOKOK... Im gonna dab into the rumor mill for juuuust a second because someone is SWEARING to me via email that this is true and I should share it so.. here goes the scoop. Ive received about 3 emails from someone claiming that one of our favorite couples are secretly back together despite both parties supposedly being boo'd up with other people...

Hey Kayki!!

Let me begin by saying that I have secretly been watching your blog for almost a year now and Im proud like I know you personally. Keep it up I see big things poppin' off for you!!!! Im writing with some exclusive stuff. I know you are an up and coming blogger and I wanted to give you the chance to break something MAJOR before anybody else gets they hands on it!

I have a friend who works in the industry. Mainly behind the scenes. He is gay and of course knows all about everybody business. Well according to him, a very popular male celeb has been speaking more and more about his ex to people and the word is he finally reached out to her a while back. My friend said she was not feeling it at first because she has already moved on but that eventually she gave in and they have been keeping in touch and have even hung out!!!!!!

I didnt believe it but then I started to notice how they recently been at a couple of events at the same time, which they never used to do. And how sure my friend is that this is not just gossip and that these two will not be able to hide that they have reconnected for much longer. I know your blog very well and this is a couple you want to see together and so do I. Keep an eye out!

Hmm................. Dont know what to believe with this one as I replied to this email trying to get this person to come out and just SAY who it is. I know who I think it is, but I doubt verr serisly (In my Life voice) that its them. Thought Id share it though.. what do yall think?!


  1. I thought amber and kanye becuz who is chilli with?

  2. ~~Breezy Wifey~~~May 6, 2011 at 2:48 PM

    Usher and Chilli please be them they need to go ahead and get back together. Aint Chilli still with the white guy from her show?

  3. I am not sure who the couple could be, but my favorite part of this post is where your informant states that, his/her friend "is gay and of course knows all about everybody business." That definitely got a "Really?" and a smile out of me today :)

  4. I have to agree and say Usher and Chilli! That would be so wonderful! I loved them together... I know on his behind the music in 2010, she said herself that if they had met now, instead of back then, her show wouldn't be titled "What Chili Wants" it would be "What Chili Has" so she obviously still has love for him.

  5. I was thinking Usher & Chilli too guys. Didnt think about Ye & Amber!

  6. As I told her.. I need pics either way! Before I'll believe it lol. Would be cool though if it were Chilli & Usher