Monday, May 16, 2011

Rihanna & Chris Brown Follow Each Other on Twitter

Rihanna & Chris in each others' followers

So some of you are like.. umm KayKi.. why is this news!? Well.. Im glad you asked. Considering the history that these two have and how the majority of the world seems to be against Chris Brown for his domestic violence against Rihanna  and his behavior since then, Ive been waiting on Rihanna to in some way show that she has forgiven him. That would definitely turn some things around in other people's minds.

I know some of you feel some kinda way regardless, but its not uncommon for a victim to come forth and say that they forgive their offender and that statement help others to move on as well. So, when I got email that these two were following each other I made it my business to share with those finding it hard to move on from the past. Seems like Rihanna is figuring that out.. and you should too!

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