Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Photo of the Day: The cutest throwback of Toya & Reginae

O.M.G. if Reginae isnt the CUTEST little girl!!! And This!! I love photos like this one that are so memorable. This is something Im sure both Toya and Reginae will cherish for forever. Its all about the rollers & that smile on Baby Carter's face.. heehee I LOVE it! For more throwback pictures of Toya & Nae visit (if it will work. smh!)

I still have the autographed copy of Priceless Inspirations for one of you BabyKayKs.. just waiting on something else major to pop off before I give it away :)) Stay tuned loves


  1. i want it!! hw do i win it?

  2. Im still coming up with the give away details! Stay tuned though :)