Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More tornadoes and severe weather rock middle America

An overview of a neighborhood in Joplin flattened by a tornado on Sunday.

Week after week, mother nature wreaks havoc on the world. Natural disasters are dominating the news, most recently with tornadoes and storms across the midwest and south. Joplin, Missouri on Sunday and various parts of Oklahoma on Tuesday. More & actual video footage after you read on!

The F5 tornado hit the 50,000 pop. town with speeds over 200 miles per hour, reducing homes, schools and buildings to wooden splinters. The tornado has claimed over 120 lives, and count of the injured rises by the day. As for Oklahoma, a half-mile wide tornado rolled through Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas, killing 13 people as of early Wednesday.

The Joplin tornado is the deadliest tornado on record. Tornado warnings stretched from Missouri down to north Dallas, Texas, well into Tuesday evening.

Below is a harrowing first-person video of the Joplin tornado. It's dark the entire time, but the tornado hits after 1:20. Just listen and this will give you chills.

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