Friday, May 6, 2011

Jay & Yeezy FINALLY finishing up "Watch The Throne"

Looks like "Watch The Throne" is finally underway. Ive been wondering whats taking these two so long, but I think Jay has taken some well needed time off to spend qt with the wifey and well.. Yeezy just has been doing Yeezy lol..dets after the juuump!

Kanye West and Jay-Z have moved on from their studio at the Mercer Hotel to the Tribeca Grand Hotel to record their upcoming album, "Watch the Throne." The duo was laying down tracks Wednesday night until 7 a.m. Thursday in a studio that had been specially set up in the hotel. The artists went downstairs for a short break with Universal honcho Barry Weiss, Kid Cudi and staff from the label. "They were laying down tons of tracks," a witness said. "It was intense -- no Beyoncé and no booze."

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