Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Daley Reign is Over: Rahm Emanuel Sworn in as Chicago's New Mayor

Soooo... if you know anything about politics and Chicago you know that the Daleys have basically ruled as Mayor for a whole 2 decades plus some. Richard M. Daley occupied the office for almost 22 years!!! The longest time anyone has including his father! So, this is definitely a big deal for Chicago.
Mayor Emanuel was sworn in on Monday and has some major work to do.  He spoke in his inaugural speech:
We must face the truth,..It is time to take on the challenges that threaten the very future of our city: the quality of our schools, the safety of our streets, the cost and effectiveness of city government, and the urgent need to create the jobs of the future.

Hopefully he means that. Chi is a city very dear to my heart, its time the people in power start 
taking better care of it! Emanuel is formerly President Obama's Chief of Staff.

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