Saturday, April 2, 2011

Girl Power: ILL-Mannered Ent Cypher!

I met a few of these young ladies a little while ago. Ida who is the brains behind this movement came into the studio with her group and was on top of things. I loved seeing how focused they were on making moves. I love even more to see how they've kept evolving since then.

These young girls are determined to be successful. Im actually set to get back in and work with Laysia a bit ..she not only raps, but can sing as Im looking forward to it. In the meantime, I thought Id share this because its good for hip hop. We always see dudes in cyphers and even young male rappers getting it in, when have you seen this?

Some people are wondering about the future of female MCs... Id say dont give up hope just yet.. these girls have all of the makings of a successful career at this rate. Love to all of them.. dont grow up too fast..stay focused. Ms. Ida, Laysia, and Niko, sure I'll see you all in a bit! xo

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