Saturday, April 16, 2011

Toya Carter Shines at First Ever Book Signing for Priceless Inspirations

Yesterday I went out to Toya's first book signing to show support for one of your fave people :) Toya was gorgeous and gracious. She briefly sat and gave an overview of the book, then answered a few questions. Young and old came out to Barnes & Noble to meet her and hear her speak on her first book at her first signing. She did great! Id purchased 2 of the books for 2 of my mentees who are big fans, but I had those books mailed to them so I never actually got to read it. I came home and read the book in a short time & I must again say how much heart & grace was put into it. Major kudos to Ms. Toya as an author.. you diid that :) Check out more plus exclusive pics when you read more of this post!

 My reason for going was 3 fold. First off I didnt know about it till I got an email from Kara in DC.. I went for her and the rest of you BabyKayKs who love you some Toya. I also went to support and thank Toya for her immense support (RTs and such) of lately. My last reason was to potentially get a book signed to give away to one of you. Thats the least I could do. I was able to get all of those things accomplished and some!

Im can tell Reginae is over this "will you take a pic" thing..but she was a sweetie out supporting her mom in full force!

Also there was Memphitz, Toya's fiance'..he was so cool and knew who I was to my surprise..we're twitterers lol

This pic is so cute! Looks like a Reginae face

A few fans standing in line to get their book signed..sweet hearts & fly as well :) Thanks ladies!

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  1. Thnkx u KAYKI for goin' & for the shout out :))))I dont know if u were gonna go but I appreciate the picx!