Friday, April 22, 2011

Soulja Boy Steps into Pacs role in Juice Remake

Ok.. so the very popular and cultural phenom Juice is one of those classic films that represented the streets heavy. With the likes of Pac & Omar Epps in it, the movie was well received by hip hop and the streets  alike.

News is out that one of "hip hops" most questionable rappers is set to take on the role of Bishop (Pac's role) in a mini film remake of the classic. Soulja Boy though he has to be respected for running a new type of rap.. is not always respected in the hip hop game.
Soulja released a mixtape to serve as the soundtrack for this remake- the cover picture above. He even sat down with Vibe magazine to discuss his role in the new film. He says that  rapper Cam'Ron  is actually in the film as well. I dont know about these rapper movies.. never really liked any of them.

I mean, even to me hip hop and rap merge at some point, but are not the same thing as popular culture would lead many to believe. Maybe Soulja will prove a great actor.. and we'll all love the remake. OR maybe some classics should be left alone..

Who will actually watch it?

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  1. this classic movie should be left alone....some re-makes just don't need to be made. Especially since this movie comes on TV at least once a month.