Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So... Lil Scrappy's Mom is a G! No. Really.

If you were under a rock here in Atl yesterday and missed the extraness of the world finding out that Diamond and Soulja Boy are talkin then heres the scoop. Atlanta is all a buzz because for years now Diamond & Lil Scrappy have been one of our fave couples. Ive even featured them a couple of times on this site.

Unbeknownst to us, theyd split up a bit ago and are now seeing other people. Welp, since nobody knew.. when photos of Diamond and Soulja hit the net via our boy Freddyo all hell broke loose. Many people had comments on how triflin Diamond is and how messed up the whole situation is. Continue reading for Scrappy's comments and a video on Momma D (Scrappy's mom who went off on the air last night)

Scrappy called into hot 107.9 & talked to the dirty boys himself and really out of everybody had the most positive outlook on the situation. He explained that he and Diamond had been seeing other people and that she's doing her. He said she's young and has to get her money however she gets it..which Im not sure what that was supposed to mean...

I think the highlight of the radio play though was Scrappy's infamous mom, Momma D who is OFF the chain calling the station and going IN on Diamond. She called Diamond all sorts of things and made all sorts of ill comments. Im not gonna post her radio comments because they were over the top but what I do wanna post is something that will get your imagination rolling as to exactly what type of woman Momma D is.. No. Joke.  Peep the below video of Scrappy talking to and with his mom about his childhood.Wow.

I personally think people should hold off on all of the Diamond bashing regarding her relationship..but Momma D couldnt care what I think! LOL

Anywho regarding Soulja & Diamonds thing......KayKi doesnt really care who they are with..good for them.

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