Monday, April 25, 2011

New Music: Lil Mo!!! - On the Floor

"..who's got the hottest whip..who's got the hottest chick.." Come ON real music lovers out there who purchased Mo's Based On a True Story album!? MAN that was my record! I just had to pull it out the other day looking through old cds! Maybe you loved some of her other work.. either way.. she's baaaack.. read more to hear what she's coming with

This is a fun.. club record, Mo is actually known for pulling these out! Giving us something to dance to, and a ballad here and there just to show she really is a singer! Im excited. Maybe Ive been out of the loop but I havent heard much from her in recent years. From my understanding she's been in radio for a bit now. I could def see that, but aruhhh I wanna hear her singing in the mic more than anything :) Check this record out!

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  1. yeah, she has been on the radio but the station is going through some things so a few shows were canceled I believe, including hers. I know she has been doing great on the Color Purple stage play though.