Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Michelle Obama, Jill Biden to lead effort for military family support

Military service members are risking their lives abroad, and their main concern is if their families are being taken care of. Veterans struggle to find jobs and meaningful education for their families. Well that's going to change. The Obama Administration announced Tuesday a new, nationwide initiative supporting military families, called Joining Forces.

The public efforts will be led by first lady Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, the vice president's wife, who will start a tour of military bases and communities today.

In January, President Barack Obama issued a presidential study to coordinate an administration-wide approach to helping military families cope with the needs and strains put on veterans returning from war.

The initiative also includes assistance from Walmart, Sears and Siemens to help service members find jobs. On the education side, private companies such as Boeing, Exxon Mobil and Discovery Communications will support math and reading initiatives for military children. And several nonprofit health organizations like the YMCA will help military families lead healthier lives.

Michelle and Jill have spent the past year meeting with military families at the White House and in communities and hospitals across the country. They will travel to North Carolina, Colorado, Ohio and Texas to highlight grassroots efforts to support veterans and their families.

Full implementation of benefits may not go into effect until this summer. Let's hear it for the Obama Administration, Michelle and Jill for hearing our service members and pulling out the stops for their well being.

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