Friday, April 29, 2011

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen are STILL Stuntin on Everybody's Pockets

How about this cover.." Meet America's Next Billionaires" as if we didnt know it was coming. These two have been stuntin on our bank accounts since they were 6. Probably most known for their role as the daughter on Full House in the 90s, Mary Kate and Ashley are actually tween moguls.

These chicks are a brand... period. Their clothing line that sold innitially in Wal Mart opened the door for them to become the fashion icons that they are now. Their line out now, The Row has been seen on the likes of many, including First Lady Obama. Now Newsweek Magazine is hailing these two as one of America's next billionaires! Peep an insert after the jump!

Their holding company, Dualstar Entertainment Group, was created with their then-manager, Robert Thorne, when they were about 6 years old as a vehicle for selling Olsen-branded merchandise and projects. By age 10, they had a line of clothing in Walmart; eventually they branched out with a contemporary line called Elizabeth & James, named after their siblings. At 18, they took over Dualstar, buying out Thorne. “Thank God our parents wanted us to be involved,” Ashley says. “Running a fashion company, it’s just as important to understand numbers as it is to have a design point of view,” Mary-Kate says. The company now has annual sales of $1 billion, according to Forbes.

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