Saturday, April 9, 2011

Feds Still In Business: Short Term "Budget Reached" (Video of President)

Stuff got real to some people earlier yesterday.. the very idea that the government was shutting down scared the crap out of people, as it should. Most comments that I came across were just speculation and ignorance. People with no clue that this has happened many times before & who clearly didnt even understand why or what the shut down meant.

I was watching the debate yesterday online..and it was intense. Very clear divides between the two major parties and one thing very clear...shutting the government down had very little to do with a $$ budget. Monies were already agreed upon, but this is politics and everybody had to get their opinions heard. Getting to the bottom of this was rather easy for me.

 Conservatives are trying their best to get rid of preventative health programs for women simply because of abortion. They are attempting to get rid of Planned Parenthood (who supplies MANY women with reproductive/sexual health care who otherwise wouldnt be able to get it) so in an effort to do so, they feel like slicing a huge program is the way to go.

SO inconsiderate to take away such a necessary program and even MORE ridiculous to want to shut the government down to stress that desire.  Im glad that late last night a short termed agreement was reached and the people I love who work for this government have their jobs secured for a little longer. I want Washington to get it together though.. these are people's lives.. not just silly opinions!

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