Monday, April 11, 2011

Children Still Enslaved to Cocoa Plantations On Ivory Coast!!!

I can recall being introduced to the cocoa conflict in the Ivory Coast  while in high school. Faculty member over our student organization HYPE made me aware of how these children were being enslaved on cocoa plantations. He informed me of how they were tricked into believing that they were coming to work and be paid for their work, only to find that they were really stuck there to live in horrendous conditions with very little means to survive.
After making a scene & writing letters & boycotting chocolate, I received a response from companies saying that they no longer did business with said plantations. I guess in my optimism I hoped that was over.

Well.. I recently came across this story on CNN and here we are again at square one.. these children are still being held against their will, and enslaved to provide others with of all things ... chocolate. This is so disturbing..I mean, I love chocolate..LOVE IT.. but I think its time to write more letters and personally deny myself of that luxury.

I know what many of you are thinking,... there are sweat shops everywhere .. you cant control it.. well, let me know what companies, industries are involved and I will do my personal part to not contribute to the ruining of these babies' or peoples' lives.. so again.. no more chocolate for me. The below video gives a little more information on this crisis. 

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