Thursday, April 14, 2011

Catherine Zeta Jones checks into mental health facility

The mood of hollywood at the announcement that famed actor Michael Douglas had beat his bout with throat cancer was celebratory! Everyone was excited that one of our most loved actors had overcome a disease that appeared to be ready to take him out. What was not made known to the public was that his wife the lovely and also talented Catherine Zeta Jones was struggling with an equally crippling illness.

Reports came out today that Catherine checked herself into a mental health facility for treatment for bipolar II disorder. Catherine has had to deal with immense stressors throughout her husbands battle with cancer. Bipolar II disorder, though not as extreme as bipolar I, invades on everyday life with mood swings and immense irritability. 

As a Psychology major I am very sensitive to her plight and my prayers are with her and her entire family. As I always say, mental health disorders are real, and should be treated as equal with any physical ailment. 

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