Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Got this email last night from a reader and I would like to honor it lol!

Funny thing is Id seen everybody blogging about YM's take over here in Atlanta the other night and Ive been just waiting on the Wayne fans who read here to hit me like um... pics please! Id seen all of the pics and whats even funnier is the only thing that stuck out to me about them was the same thing Mariam wants to know..
Hey kayki love your site. i knw youre probably not going to talk about wayne show that was in atlanta because i dont see you blog about concerts, but i saw this picture of toya on another blog and wanted to knw if you knw or can find out what type of shoes these are! i was thinking who would knw and well i thought of you! thanks mama

Well Mariam I must admit you have presented me with one of the longest tasks of finding a shoe that Ive had in a long time. I love doing this as much of a headache it can be. Especially when the shoe is not a popular brand or Im super sleepy :)  but for the love of you BabyKayKs AND the fact that you guys think highly enough to ask me.. we make it happen!

Toyas rocking TopShop's Unique woven tassle wedges .. They look WAY better on Toya than any other pics Ive seen of them.. I dig the white & black ones as well..here they are in a couple of different looks.

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