Friday, April 29, 2011

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011

So Alexander McQueen's Spring 2011 line has a few booties that I like, these are not my faves though. They are a close second..Youd have to REALLY rock em.. and they appear to be super heavy. On top of the glorious gold capped toe and buckles, these babies are 5 1/2 inches and will run your pockets about 1200 bucks!

Other looks from AM Spring 2011 after the jump!


Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen are STILL Stuntin on Everybody's Pockets

How about this cover.." Meet America's Next Billionaires" as if we didnt know it was coming. These two have been stuntin on our bank accounts since they were 6. Probably most known for their role as the daughter on Full House in the 90s, Mary Kate and Ashley are actually tween moguls.

These chicks are a brand... period. Their clothing line that sold innitially in Wal Mart opened the door for them to become the fashion icons that they are now. Their line out now, The Row has been seen on the likes of many, including First Lady Obama. Now Newsweek Magazine is hailing these two as one of America's next billionaires! Peep an insert after the jump!


Yes so here again.. this is exactly why that "they sing black" or "they sing white" is juust not gonna work anymore! I MEAN this voice is amazing. Some of you may have seen Karmin's covers of  popular records spanning in genres from pop to hip hop, but this is her on Ellen singing an original and I think she was amazing!

Twitpic of the Week: Lala & Mary J

LaLa (right) twitpic'd this photo of she and Mary J the other night. I didnt realize they were such good friends as depicted in La's tweet. :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Census 2010: Women surpass men in advanced degrees

For the first time, American women have passed men in gaining advanced college degrees as well as bachelor's degrees, part of the trend that is helping redefine who goes off to work and who stays home with the kids.

Katie Couric leaving CBS News

Less than five years after she became the first woman to lead a network TV evening newscast, Katie Couric confirmed Tuesday that she's leaving CBS News.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jay & Yeezy Spotted In Paris

Purchase a half-case or more of Italian wine and get 1/2 off shipping with code "vino67"

There is really no news beyond Jay & Yeezy in Paris..... hopefully recording something!

In case You Missed Treemonisha the first time.. She's Baaack

Im not quiiite sure what the program was happening at this church on this given day, but Treemonisha seems to have a whole set. First she tackled the Jennifers' "Youre Gonna Love Me" and now she's back with another hit to sing to Jesus, Alicia's "No One".. also peep the dance break mid video.  Wow Go TreeTree!

Why We Love Louboutin:Perfect Summer Wedge

These were tweet pic'd during the Christian Louboutin for J.Mendel Spring 2011 show! The cut of this shoe is insane! These are orange and as you can see the toe cleavage is in full effect. An element that Mr. Ladies Love Louboutin expresses is what makes a shoe his opinion and.. well.. I tend to take his advice on shoes.. lol! S/o to the shoerazzi!

So... Lil Scrappy's Mom is a G! No. Really.

If you were under a rock here in Atl yesterday and missed the extraness of the world finding out that Diamond and Soulja Boy are talkin then heres the scoop. Atlanta is all a buzz because for years now Diamond & Lil Scrappy have been one of our fave couples. Ive even featured them a couple of times on this site.

Unbeknownst to us, theyd split up a bit ago and are now seeing other people. Welp, since nobody knew.. when photos of Diamond and Soulja hit the net via our boy Freddyo all hell broke loose. Many people had comments on how triflin Diamond is and how messed up the whole situation is. Continue reading for Scrappy's comments and a video on Momma D (Scrappy's mom who went off on the air last night)

Monday, April 25, 2011

New Music: Lil Mo!!! - On the Floor

"..who's got the hottest whip..who's got the hottest chick.." Come ON real music lovers out there who purchased Mo's Based On a True Story album!? MAN that was my record! I just had to pull it out the other day looking through old cds! Maybe you loved some of her other work.. either way.. she's baaaack.. read more to hear what she's coming with

Lil Wayne Clears Up New Girlfriend Rumor on Stylist.. Looking for Skylar Diggin

Thought I wasnt going to have to respond to this rumor since this video was posted on a few more popular sites, but as I was told today I must take into consideration that some of you only read here or at least dont read there :) Sooo...... read on for more and the video disclaimer from Wayne.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

L.A.M.B. anyone??

Gwen Stefani is another "artist" who's line is always hitting! I dig this full line as well.. thought Id kick it off though with these simple black peep toes named "Nathan". Dont you just love shoes like these? SO flexible and SO cute!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Soulja Boy Steps into Pacs role in Juice Remake

Ok.. so the very popular and cultural phenom Juice is one of those classic films that represented the streets heavy. With the likes of Pac & Omar Epps in it, the movie was well received by hip hop and the streets  alike.

News is out that one of "hip hops" most questionable rappers is set to take on the role of Bishop (Pac's role) in a mini film remake of the classic. Soulja Boy though he has to be respected for running a new type of rap.. is not always respected in the hip hop game.

Casadei Spring 2011 cont... & it goes on & on...

Now considering the other shoes I posted from this line.. you cant even tell that they are of the same collection! This is what I mean by this Casadei line giving us everything! I MEAN every type of shoe in life lol. Some of them Im not feeling 100% but the audacity of the designers to do them makes me appreciate the line even more. More to come...!

In Case You Need a Laugh: NO WORDS!!!!

Please next time you see my brother Justin (Jay) please thank him for sharing this video. & If in fact you never get to see him in person.. shoot him a tweet @JayMcSwain..... I CAN NOT TAKE THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!! PWaaahahaaa

New Video: Bilal- Little One

Ok! The whole WORLD awaits new anything from Bilal :) This song and video are beautiful and profound. Bilal takes a moment out of his career to actually make a record and video that extends beyond us loving it.

The video is dedicated to autism awareness and the effort to encourage early diagnosis. I feel like this was an epic move on Bilals part being that autism effects SO many of our children and we know as a whole so little about it. Id love to interview Bilal and see what his reasoning was behind this song and video. Love this.

Missing 16 yo Honor student Phylicia Barnes' body found

Back in December Phylicia was declared missing and Im thinking many people just brushed it off as another case of a young girl running away. We didnt hear much about it. Now almost 5 months later her body is found floating in a river 40 miles from where she was last seen.

In Case You Missed It: Jay & Bey Vacay in Paris w/ Nephew

Jay & Bey landed in Paris on Monday!!! They adore little Julez (Solange's son) which is obvious.. he's always with them! Julez was there with his dad as well. How cute are these pictures of Beyonce spending QT with her nephew! I LOVE my nieces and nephews so I totally understand how much fun she's having.

Can we pause tho to peep the shoe game... how else does Beyonce hit up an amusement park except in 6 inch heels?? LOL Lots more pics after the jump.. including Bey & Jay together..

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Casadei Spring 2011 cont...


Hmm... let me first say that Im not feeling the jean jump offs at. all. Just not my cup of footery...BUT these babies to your right..!

This season Casadei is playing a lot with the heel of the shoe. Many of them have this illusional feel to them.. and others as pictured above just have something funky going on. I like!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Taco Bell beef lawsuit dropped

There’s no beef in a recent decision by a law firm to drop a lawsuit against Taco Bell.

This week, the fast food chain gained a victory through the action against the firm named Beasley Allen that questioned the beef content of the filling in the tacos and burritos.

The Gulf one year after oil spill

In one year after the Gulf suffered a massive oil spill, just how bad is the damage?

In this two picture combo, at left, oil smeared pelican eggs are seen in a nest on Cat Island on May 22, 2010, home to hundreds of brown pelican nests aswell at terns, gulls and roseate spoonbills, as it directly is impacted by oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil Spill in Barataria Bay, just inside the the coast of Lousiana. The photo on right, made at the same spot on April 8, 2011, show the island significantly eroded and the marsh grass and mangrove trees that pelicans nest on decimated, as the island was completely overwashed by oil and poorly maintained booms impacted it as well. (AP)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

POLL: New Beyonce "Girls" Leaked

The internet has been going crazy over the past week or so because word was out that Beyonce was shooting a video for her new single and pics were leaked as well. Well... finally we are getting to hear what the buzz was all about. I personally always look forward to hearing new music from Bey.

Do you guys like it?

Casadei Spring 2011 for the BOLD!

Im obsessed! This line is EVERYTHING! You guys know how I go on my binges with lines.. here comes another one! LOL! You guys should definitely expect to see nothing but Casadei this week! These are among my faves! The poppington suede colors are Ohmazing!

They definitely are pushing it with the cuts and angles in this line. As well as the colors. They cover every season in full force. I just love it! Cant wait to show you guys more!! Dont cheat and search either! Stay tuned!

Kim Zolciak & Baby Daddy Kroy at Baby Shower

You guys.. Kim is a statement maker. Everything she does has to be of course her baby shower had to be like THE event over the weekend. lol. Celebs, friends, and others came out to support and congratulate the couple on the new baby soon to arrive. Kim of course was adorned in a beautiful gown (wedding -esque) and of course Kroy was suited and booted as well.

Also in attendance were Phaedra & Kandi, Kim's RHOA cast mates. Congrats to Kim & Kroy!

Monday, April 18, 2011

"Teen Mom" Leah Messer Files for divorce after 6 months

MTV's camera crews were on set as Leah supposedly expresses her feelings about filing for divorce this past week. As much as I hate divorce I cant say that any of this comes as a surprise. I mean #Reeaallly everything about their relationship was rushed unfortunately.

They met, made twins, & got married.. all in a big rush. I wish both of them well.. they are still young. Its probably best that they just remain good parents to their kids. Im sad about this, I really was rooting and hoping this would work.

Let the SunSHINE in! Karen Walker Eyewear!


Its DEFINITELY that time of year! Im not sure whats going on in your neighborhoods but today's weather was amazing today in Atlanta! So heres to all of you sunglass gurus out there! Karen Walker's Helter Skelter Black Shades are definitely hot right now. People are branching off into more funky cuts of shades again and I love it. These are available for about $180! If thats your life.. get it! lol

Usher, Lauryn Hill, Miguel, Quadron, E Badu Coachella pics!

Its that time of year again & all of the hippies of 2011 are out at Coachella enjoying some of the best live music you'll ever experience! Ive been tuning in when I can via the live stream. Everyone from the Strokes to Jay Z hit the stage in front of a crowd of hot, happy, and so on music lovers! lol

Twitter of course is all a buzz about the event as it always is. Some celebs twitpic'ed their run ins with each other. Coachella is an annual music festival held in the desert of Cali basically..check those pics out after the juuuump!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Toya Carter Shines at First Ever Book Signing for Priceless Inspirations

Yesterday I went out to Toya's first book signing to show support for one of your fave people :) Toya was gorgeous and gracious. She briefly sat and gave an overview of the book, then answered a few questions. Young and old came out to Barnes & Noble to meet her and hear her speak on her first book at her first signing. She did great! Id purchased 2 of the books for 2 of my mentees who are big fans, but I had those books mailed to them so I never actually got to read it. I came home and read the book in a short time & I must again say how much heart & grace was put into it. Major kudos to Ms. Toya as an author.. you diid that :) Check out more plus exclusive pics when you read more of this post!

Behind the scenes: Jill Scott "Shame" video ft. Eve

Jill is one of my favorite storytellers! She's an incredible vocalist yes.. but she's SUCH a storyteller to me! Every time I hear one of her songs I feel like Im at circle time in kindergarten again! Plus I think she's SO pretty! Peep the more & the behind the scenes video featuring "Shame" after you read more!

Is it safe to declare 2011 the year of the Wedge?!? Lanvin On Us!

Oh Lanvin we love you! lol.. these are so precious. "Patent Wooden Wedges" by Lanvin are just one hot wedge in like 12 bazillion released in collections this year. These babies are adorable. They run you about $1400 because they are Lanvin lol.. but the details set these off. Love the ribbon appeal, the etched wood, and of course the patent leather.. I mean.. who doesnt like a little of that? Poof! Go Lanvin ladies!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rihanna & Anita Baker??

Rihanna is glowing in this pic she tweeted last night of her and the legendary Anita Baker!!!!  She tweeted that her mom would be soo jealous of her because Anita is her favorite! Well Rih, she's my dad's favorite too ...we're all jealous lol

I Want these KICKS!

Cinzia Araia Goatskin Wrap Around Ankle Sneakers

These are about $400 and super fly!  I like them in black and nude better than the white ..but I think theyre hot :) More pics after the jump!


ADORABLE: Chance Combs Sends well wishes for tour to her dad Diddy, & Dirty Money

"Boom boom boom boom, peace Daddy!" Woaah Diddy you have a superstar on your hands! She's TOO cute & all of that personality! :)

So Diddy, Kalenna, and Dawn set out this week to begin the "Coming Home" tour which I will not miss! I LOVE the Dirty Money album.. and looks like little Chance does too! Diddy kept tweeting about how this made his day! Im made mine too!

Aahhh Margiela for the FAB!

You can rock these for about $1300! Im not dying over them, but they are a statement none the less. All gold sequined booties..Id rock em.  

Rachel Zoe & Hubby Rodger Bernam Welcome Baby Boy

We offer cheap magazine subscriptions with free shipping!

Yayyy! I LOVE Rachel! & how fashionable is this baby gonna be??! Little Skyler Morrison Bernam was born at 6 lbs 12 ounces & is 20 inches long! According to rep and little Skyler and mommie are healthy and happy to finally see each other :) The parents released the statement, "Mommie & Daddy .. 'literally'.. could not be happier or more in love with their son"! This is so great! Love it.. congrats to them! Admit it.. who else loved Rachel preggers? She was soo cute..

Catherine Zeta Jones checks into mental health facility

The mood of hollywood at the announcement that famed actor Michael Douglas had beat his bout with throat cancer was celebratory! Everyone was excited that one of our most loved actors had overcome a disease that appeared to be ready to take him out. What was not made known to the public was that his wife the lovely and also talented Catherine Zeta Jones was struggling with an equally crippling illness.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Michelle Obama, Jill Biden to lead effort for military family support

Military service members are risking their lives abroad, and their main concern is if their families are being taken care of. Veterans struggle to find jobs and meaningful education for their families. Well that's going to change. The Obama Administration announced Tuesday a new, nationwide initiative supporting military families, called Joining Forces.

Welcome back, Serena!

What better way to make a return to the tennis court making a big statement? Tennis pro Serena Williams is known for her shocking and stylish outfits. But, who can blame her? She has a body most women envy. Serena is finally back on the court after a two-month hiatus due to a health scare. There's no word on whether she'll return to competitive play, but it's good to see her serve it up again!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lady Gaga Falls a lot.

Ummm...Not quite sure what this is about. Ive seen many videos of different shows of this chic just crashing. lol..I mean its really not that funny unless you watch it a few times over, and even then it looks so painful that youre afraid to laugh.

Gaga was performing You & I in Houston the other night when she fell off of the piano..HARD. lol The great part though is.. as all Pros she went right on with the show.. the show must go on.


Got this email last night from a reader and I would like to honor it lol!

Funny thing is Id seen everybody blogging about YM's take over here in Atlanta the other night and Ive been just waiting on the Wayne fans who read here to hit me like um... pics please! Id seen all of the pics and whats even funnier is the only thing that stuck out to me about them was the same thing Mariam wants to know..
Hey kayki love your site. i knw youre probably not going to talk about wayne show that was in atlanta because i dont see you blog about concerts, but i saw this picture of toya on another blog and wanted to knw if you knw or can find out what type of shoes these are! i was thinking who would knw and well i thought of you! thanks mama

Monday, April 11, 2011

In Case You Need A Laugh: Happening In My Hometown of Bloomington IL

Hits..Hits all day. smh.. Im so embarrassed. You know what.. BUMP this twin city stuff! This is Normal IL! Not Bloomington!!!!! LOL

Spelman Thy Name We Praise.. Happy Founders Day April 11, 2011!

From a child I knew that I wanted to go to Spelman College. What I didnt know is the wealth of spirit and knowledge Id gain from being a part of such an enormous legacy. I love my Spelman family! Happy founders day ladies! Continue to Change the World!

Cute fit from Karla's Closet !

So here is a feature from a fashion blogger that I love. I came across her site a little bit ago and thought wow.. Kayki's Closet & Karla's Closet.. what a I soon fell in LOVE with her sense of style and thought this time that Id share her with you guys. Full look and dets when you read on!

Children Still Enslaved to Cocoa Plantations On Ivory Coast!!!

I can recall being introduced to the cocoa conflict in the Ivory Coast  while in high school. Faculty member over our student organization HYPE made me aware of how these children were being enslaved on cocoa plantations. He informed me of how they were tricked into believing that they were coming to work and be paid for their work, only to find that they were really stuck there to live in horrendous conditions with very little means to survive.

Told Ya So.. Sade ft. Jay Z " Moon & The Sky Remix"

After years of rappers asking for a collab.. guess who got it!? Sweeeet!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Feds Still In Business: Short Term "Budget Reached" (Video of President)

Stuff got real to some people earlier yesterday.. the very idea that the government was shutting down scared the crap out of people, as it should. Most comments that I came across were just speculation and ignorance. People with no clue that this has happened many times before & who clearly didnt even understand why or what the shut down meant.

People of America Please Explain Yourselves: Pia Off of American Idol?

You know.. Im gonna be cool about this because, I didnt vote & this is American Idol- THE place to start a career -even if you dont win it! Im just a bit confused as to why Pia? Clearly one of the best singers there..and naturally at that. I read that the contestants were all just as shocked as I am to hear she was out. Im sure this isnt the last of Pia we'll be seeing and hopefully not the last we'll be hearing of her!

This was Pia just yesterday morning leaving her hotel in LA..she seems to be in good spirits about everything! I wish her well! Id DEF buy an album!

Throwback- Tamia "You Put a Move On My Heart"

When I say this woman's voice is one of the most underrated out there. I MEAN clean. And this song is one of my all time jams! I used to sing it as a kid just because the delivery was that enticing.. it was def one of those stand in the mirror with the brush records.

Well.. now that Im older I can appreciate it on so many levels. Her vocals are perfect, the lyrics are great! Over all its just a classic record. I dont think it will ever be old. Love love love it! Thought Id take you guys back. :) 

Sneaker Glam!

Lanvin Metallic Sneaker

I love heels! You all know that, but I also love a flat! lol...especially when theyre Lanvin! Naw..I dont have these, but I would love to get them. They are just the right amount of fabulous for a sneaker! You can rock them and be fly and comfy at the same time! Win. Win.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sam Edelman Lorissa Peeptoe Spiked Stud Heels

This is a cute little shoe right? I mean its hard to go wrong with the leather , 4.5 inch heel, peep toe, and spikes combo. Sam Edelman hit the jackpot with these little babies. So for about $200 you can swoop your pair from 

KayKi Loves The Kids.. Mouth Man Kid Hoodies

I think this is a cute little idea.. thought Id share for all the real BabyKayKs out there.. I think my nephew Phelin  would love this! These Eco friendly hoodies only retail for about $25 but our dear friends at hautelook had them for about $18! Deal.. take it. lol

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Add Some Color! La Mer Watch Collection

Do these watches not SCREAM Spring/Summer?! I live!  This lovely watch collection is by La Mer and actually retails for about $100, but our peeps at ideeli had it running for $44!!! Yes and it comes in many eye popping colors! Its just too cute! More colors when you read more!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jay Z Launches Site "Life + Times"

So Ive been meaning to post this for days now and Im not quite sure whats going on with my memory as of late..but I need it to get together! Anywho, my favorite rapper ( & yours if you arent a hater or conspiracy j/k you may not like really good rappers & thats ok) Jay Z has launched the coolest website ever save this one ;) -  The Life + Times

Jay has come together with his team to launch a site focusing on whats hot to him. Not just in music, as we all know he has expanded his influence to everything in life. Its actually a really neat site. I appreciate him featuring some really cool slept on artists in the music section..

RILove Dariel Pulliam ( "Frankie & Neffe" & "What Chilli Wants" Stylist)

Dariel may look familiar from the Keyshia Cole Show.. He was Neffe's good friend and hairstylest. Most recently he received accolades for being behind Tionna Smalls' new gorgeous on What Chilli Wants.

Dariel seemed to have been just a sweet hearted person. Many Atlanta celebs tweeted their hurt from him passing yesterday. According to close friends he died from complications of a staph infection. My prayers are with his fam & friends.