Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Robin Roberts & GMA Stuck In The Past..Chris Brown Reacts to Negative Interview

I had every intention on posting a happy album release day for Chris today! His anticipated album F.A.M.E. was released today. The artist who many love and many hate.. has sorta just come off a long haitus. One commenced by an incident he had with ex girlfriend singer Rihanna.

Chris served his time and according to the judge went above and beyond her expectations. It seems though that no matter how much he does to move forward the media and immature minds seem to pull him backwards.. so was the case today at GMA according to TMZ. 

TMZ reports that Chris Brown was being interviewed by Robin Roberts and even though he was there to discuss his album release, she kept bringing up the Rihanna situation. Which really sucks, because Robin is an amazing journalist. She & producers had an opportunity to show the world on a great scale what its like to be positive and uplifting, instead they failed.

I hope yall go out and get Breezy's album. If he spazzed out, can you say you wouldnt have? Its not your past that defines you, its your present. All of us are imperfect. Its time we let Chris walk in the fact that he is too and forgive him. Buy his album today..I am.

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