Wednesday, March 16, 2011

After quake and tsunami, Japanese face radiation, no food or water

Japan is reeling after a 8.9-magnitude earthquake hit the northern part of the country last Friday, sending deadly tsunamis onto coastal areas. The above photo shows the gravity of the devastation.

Four days later, the people have felt hundreds of aftershocks and face high radiation levels from three nuclear plant explosions in the city of Fukushima. There is little food and water for survivors, and the Japan National Police reported 3,676 dead and 7,558 missing, and the numbers may very well grow as the search for bodies continues. Even Tokyo had two quakes--6.2 and 6.0 magnitude--on Tuesday.

The once beautiful coastal areas are covered in debris, thousands of dead bodies have washed ashore. People in Sendai Port living 18 miles away from the nuclear plant have been instructed to stay indoors, close windows and avoid breathing bad air. All the while, people are being tested for doses of radiation and officials fear radiation levels are growing.

CNN reported Tuesday the Japanese people are making the best of the situation. Since the country is so accustomed to earthquakes, there is stronger infrastructure and a more organized society. People wait patiently for food and water and if it runs out, there is no fighting or revolt. The people are calm throughout the whole ordeal, which shows the resilience of the Japanese.

Below is a CNN video showing quake and tsunami destruction:

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