Thursday, March 24, 2011

1000th Post!!

Wow BabyKayKs!

We have done it! We passed our year mark in October & here we are in March at our 1000th post! Unbelievable right?

I wont make this super long, but I wanted to say thank you for being a part of this journey with me. I say this often and I mean if from the bottom of my heart- there'd be no without you all. I mean, being real, I dont always have the excitement to do this day after day, but I do it for you!

Special thanks to a few people, the unofficial team who tweet/RT/support this site every day on social media outlets without me asking: Jonnice, Neesha, my brother Jay, Katie, Dvante, & anybody else that I cant think of because my memory sucks lol. Those people do it religiously and I cant say how much I appreciate the love.

Richa thanks so much for your contribution to this site. Again, I appreciate all youve done & sharing your passion for journalism with my readers! You are SUPER talented and Im honored... love ya Spelsis! Selvin.. we're waiting on your return lol.. Frank, thanks for being my big brother & one of the best dressers I know..that helps me immensely.

Allllrighty I love you guys.. lets go for 2000 more. I promise as long as youre interested I'll be here doing this as Ive been for the past 1000 posts! Stay positive and love love love!


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  1. Love ya too, Spelsis! I, too, am honored to be a part of something that's grown so much. I appreciate you allowing me to share my passion and I will continue on with you as long as time allows. Thanks! xoxo