Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why I LOVE Rahsaan Patterson!!!!

So, BabyKayKs..when it gets down to it, there are a few artists who you HAVE to have in your collection & who you HAVE to experience live. For me, Rahsaan is definitely one of those artists! He feels his way through every song.. and its great. Truly "grown folks" music! lol

I had the opportunity to meet him and experience him live a couple of years ago and I literally purchased all of his cds after the set! LOL Not only did he captivate us with his voice, but for his fans its truly about the whole experience. His whole presence. The range. The approach. The way he uses his vocals as an actual instrument. Few singers learn to tap into the fact that their voice IS really an instrument & learn how to execute it in that way. I mean it is clean!

When I love an artist I randomly search for youtube vids of them to feed my soul & look what I found yesterday! This is for all of you who havent gotten the opportunity to experience this man's gift! the whole thing and step your playlists UPPPP! :) Be on the lookout for his new album Bluephoria in April!!!!  xo

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