Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Salute to Black History: Dr. Charles Richard Drew

Im honored to share with you guys some Black figures whom you may not see in your text book or activity sheets for Black History Month in school. As I said last year, this in no way discredits the popular figures.

Their work is equally important and respected, but I do feel as though we overlook the many 100s of other Black figures who have contributed to this world in ways that have allowed them to go down in history. I'll share some of them with you, starting with Dr. Charles Richard Drew, medical doctor and blood bank visionary.
Dr. Drew though he looks a little light in the pic was a black man born in 1904. After making his way through med school, Dr. Drew found his niche in blood research. He is credited with finding that plasma kept longer than whole blood, and the idea that a blood bank could and would save lives! Salute!

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