Monday, February 7, 2011

New Music: Dawn Richard- A Tell Tale Heart Mixtape

I think its safe to say that Dawn Richard was easily one of the favorites of Danity Kane. I just got the feeling from a lot of people- even early on, that she was well liked. I really didnt start to notice her until that Dollhouse album. Thats when I really started to pay attention to her sweeeet tone. Check a joint from it after the jump!

When Dirty Money dropped and since getting this album Ive really started to dig her! Love her voice.. just love it! So, when I saw her tweeting about this mixtape I knew I had to get it and share it! The mixtape is definitely fresh- a very easy but assertive sound, sorta like the DM album..This is Champion..Get the mixtape BabyKayKs! & Speaking of Dawn......... eehh nevermind I'll wait on that announcement lol xo

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