Monday, February 14, 2011

The Biggest Question Last Night: WHO Is Esperanza Spalding!?..

..& HOW did she win Best New Artist over Bieber!??? Well BabyKayKs.. here is a lesson in Grammys; most people probably watch this show and think that their own personal favorites should win every award. And honestly many awards shows are popularity contests. The great part about the Grammys though is that its not quite the same type of popularity contest. Whether you think an artist is "bigger" or "better" or not doesnt decide who wins at the Grammys. A Committee of musicians, singers, songwriters vote on these 100 plus categories and thats what decides who wins.

Last night there was quite an uproar when Esperanza Spalding, a jazz singer/bassist yielded the huge upset of winning Best New Artist over the likes of Justin Bieber AND Drake! Now, I love Esperanza, so I was cool. Others werent so happy, and really its understandable especially if youve never even heard of her. What shouldnt have happened was the disrespect towards her as an artist, because people dont know of her.

I say, get to know her and maybe you'll understand. & Maybe you wont.. but if youd like to change it.. get welcomed onto the committee for the Grammys.. till then, just watch the show :) Anywho, because I love you & would hate to leave yall out in the cold on such a brilliant artist.. here's one of my fave records by her...


  1. Esparanza is dope. Kudos to her.

  2. My best friend and I were watching the Grammy's together on the phone and FREAKED when Esperanza Spalding won. Made our night!!!!

  3. I have heard of Esparanza before - shes dope and always love your columns Kayki - you are a blessing in my life as well as the life of others - happy valentine's day love