Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cabin Fever!

People are catching Cabin Fever from being snowed in since the weekend, and the snow-and-ice storm is slowly moving northeast. The storm has shut down most of the south, closing businesses and schools, and paralyzing airports. People from Ohio to New York are facing several inches of snow, are pretty much used to the blasts of Old Man Winter. Alas, people are tired of being shut in, but cheerful for more snow days. In Atlanta, which only had 10 pieces of snow equipment when the storm hit, officials planned to bring in nearly 50 more pieces--the most resources ushered in for a storm in a decade, according to the Associated Press. Back up supplies of sand and salt are on the way, folks! NYC may get from eight to 14 inches of snow with 35 mph wind gusts, while New England states are expecting a foot of snow.

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