Thursday, January 6, 2011

When You KNOW You can Sing!

This is the truth! You can not tell someone who KNOWS that they can sing otherwise. We all know those people who are just absolutely artists in their minds. I often like to go on youtube and just find a few people who KNOW they can sing! Here are some of my faves!

Its ALL about the adlibs and key changes!

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& this here is what happens when you KNOW you can sing & your voice just wont act right!


  1. Tone is in the ear of the..........beholder.

  2. Hilarious! Trey Wrongs is to funny. He completely changed keys at the chorus. And did keep looking over his shoulder? I thinking he thought the key was gonna sneak up on him. Haha

  3. I never thought it would be possible to have key changes with 3 notes. The icing on the cake was his facial expressions and random pauses. This made my day.