Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ursherbaby Breaks Down on Stage - Fans Boo In Berlin

Awww.... so not to make light of this.. but the last time Usher cancelled a show for his worldwide OMG tour -though he claimed he was injured, it was said that he had some drama with the ladieS in his life. I dont know how accurate that was, but here we are again with yet another cancellation.

This time reportedly due to a sinus complication according to his official web site.  Berlin fans who paid for the sold out show on the 12th had to bear not seeing Usher one more day and witness his show on the 13th. Well, in the below video he appears to break down b/c he's unable to give the show his fans deserve...their response....?? A mix of boos and cheers. I feel so bad for him! See apology & video after the jump.

Now, people can say what they will, but being a sufferer of occasional sinuses myself..I know that they are NO JOKE! Thats without the added pressure of performing on such a tour. I really hope he was able to pull through for last nights make up show & we wish him a swift recovery.

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