Saturday, January 8, 2011

Serena & OPI debut GLAM SLAM Nail Lacquer Collection! aka Polish lol


So, any devoted Oprah watchers saw tennis legend and my big sister in people's heads Serena Williams give Oprah a pedicure on her show! Yes! Come to find out, Serena has a passion for nails and actually went to school for it low key. Just goes to show you that people who are really gifted in one thing may not only be interested in that one thing..( parents dont force your kids into something just because they are gifted in it. Yes nurture that gift, but also see where their passions lie as well) anywho..sorry for the side bar.. Serena has come out with a hot line of polish- first up, Simply Smashing and Black Shatter! Love the black shatter.. what do you all think?!?

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