Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Remembering Haiti 1.12.2010

Where were you one year ago today, when news spread about the massive earthquake in Haiti? The anniversary of the natural disaster many experts call the biggest urban catastrophe in modern history is moving ahead amid a barrage of criticism over Haiti’s slow recovery and reconstruction, despite billions of dollars in international donations and aid pledges. U.S. officials such as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are calling the anniversary another chance to “build back anew.” The country is holding two-days of remembrance. According to Reuters, President Rene Preval laid a wreath a wreath on a dusty hill marked with black crosses just north of the capital Port-au-Prince where mass graves contain crushed and mutilated bodies of tens of thousands
 of hastily buried dead. A larger black cross overlooks the location. More than 800,000 survivors remain camped out under tents and tarpaulins in the rubble-filled capital. Haiti still grapples with a cholera epidemic that broke out months after the quake and has killed over 3,750 people. Memorial services are planned today to mark the magnitude 7.0 quake, which struck at 4:53 p.m. a year ago. It only lasted 10 to 20 seconds but toppled buildings like cards, killing nearly a quarter of a million people, injuring more than 300,000 and making more than 1.5 million homeless. The mission projects continue onward and the people of Haiti will continue to need our thoughts and prayers.

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