Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Music: Tyrese- Somebody Loves You Back (Teddy Pendergrass Tribute)

Ive always thought Tyrese was like our generations Teddy P. I mean for a plethora of reasons. First off Teddy was known as the tall, dark, and handsome ladies man with the manly voice! There is nothing soft and feminine about Teddy's voice. When you hear it, you know its a real man behind the mic. Read on for more & Dont forget to share your comments below*

Well the same is true for Tyrese.. Lawd Hammersay Tyrese! That man is just everything! lol -he's gorgeous & that voice as well is unmistakably manly. Same deep wrasp that you hear from Teddy can be heard from Tyrese. I love that. I think that someone should hurry & create a film to chronicle Teddy's life and Tyrese should play the lead role.. perfect!

Most people dont know that Teddy & Tyrese had a great relationship prior to his death earlier last year. Tyrese was actually a pall-bearer at the funeral as pictured below.
So, when I heard Tyrese had covered another Teddy classic.. I had to check it out! I love it..definitely a breath of fresh air considering what music is today. Glad to know that our generation can and will produce some beautiful voices & music in spite of whats popular now! Check out Tyrese's cover below!

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  1. tyrese is toooo sexii that skin and those tattooooooos