Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Music: Kanye Ft. Jay Z -H.A.M. (Explicit)

The back story if I remember correctly is Baby of Cash Money saying that he made more money than Jay.. this was a few months ago though.Did he expect Jay not to address that?!? lol  Now, yesterday Yeezy released the above art work for the first single H.A.M. from the highly anticipated collab album he and Jay are doing together, "Watch the Throne".  To hear the record.. read on..

After much debate in my mind I decided to post this today. Its def not for kiddos, but if you are a Jay fan you'll appreciate this..he's in rare unexpected form. Its like, when will these "rappers" learn. You may think youre getting away with throwin a slight jab at dude, but he'll come back for you when you least expect it!

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  1. .....he says these his wife got more cake than these dudes........E N D.