Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Brandy Album Summer 2011!

Brandy was on the Monique show last night discussing her life now and the show, A Family Affair with her, brother Ray J, and parents!! Brandy shared how much the show is hopefully a reflection of regular families. She told Monique that there are times where she has to apologize to her mom off camera for realizing she was out of line on the show. It was also insightful to hear Brandy talk about her bathroom singing videos!

The highlight of the interview for me though, was Monique's question about an album! Brandy spilled the beans that she is shooting to release in the summer of 2011!!! You know how hype that got every singer/songwriter in ears reach!? LOL.. we wait on a Brandy album faithfully! Sweeeettt...

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