Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lets Call This the Toya Carter Takeover!

For a while now, Id say probably as long as this blog has been in existence, Ive had what I'll just call the honor of being hounded by Toya Carter fans. Yall. Dont. Play. Whether its just to blog something, or that you disagree with something I did blog you guys email me more than anybody! lol 

One thing that youve consistently hit me up about is a woman who "claims to be Wayne's real first love or whatever". 

Im sorry but I have no interest in blogging her, but since you all take the time to email me I thought maybe I could just post SOMETHING about Toya lol ....... 

Which these days is not hard to do. Def dont want yall to think Im ignoring your emails.. I just dont wish to entertain the negative when Toya has SO much going on thats positive.

For starters, she is everywhere & I have a feeling that she's just getting started. 

Her boutique opened a few months ago in New Orleans, she and fiance Memphitz are on the cover of S2S Magazine, where she talks about what its like being with him. The promo for new show, Family Affair just hit airwaves. She's about to release her book, Priceless Inspiration, I mean, your girl is going all sorts of hard! And I commend that.

So, here is the S2S cover & the promo from her new show! She looks gorge on both & the energy of the promo is crazy right.. can you say fierce!? 

Not much, but I hope this will suffice! Im sure she'll have something else for me to share tomorrow! 


  1. thanks kayki! i am a huge toya fan! i have emailed u and i dotn want u to feel like im stalkin u so i wont anymore. lololol

  2. YES tHnK yu! TOYA is a BOSS CHICK!