Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kanye Says Your Blogs SUPER Late & Wrong In Recent Twitter Rant

The above watch has been on many of the mainstream blogs recently!! The title being that the ever so cocky Kanye purchased a watch with his face encrusted in diamonds on it! Everybody has been buzzing about how arrogant you'd have to be to buy such a watch. Clearly the type of person they make Kanye out to be... but he revealed on twitter tonight.. that its ALL a lie!

According to Kanye, the watch was made by a company and offered to him 9 YEARS AGO!!! Says he never bought such a watch and that this is another ploy for the media to make him out to be someone he is not. Im sure some of you will read this and disagree but.. I think he's right.  I dont think Kanye is a bad person.. a bit immature at times- yes..but I dont think he's evil. Check out his tweets below..

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